As a nation, it has been in our DNA to always go after our best hands when they show themselves using the ‘Pull Him Down’ syndrome but this cannot continue forever because some of us are here to put facts right for the purpose of posterity and our nation’s progress. No nation has grown without capable hands and for the sake of our children and those yet unborn, capable people should be protected as much as our mineral resources, that’s how important they are.

There has been some fake news going round in the social media regarding Dr. Isa Pantami’s link with terrorist organizations and I find that most unfortunate especially when I see the caliber of individuals who share such unfounded story that is neither coming officially from the United States nor reported by any credible media outfit. The only likely thing one can relate to such is the work of spin doctors for some sinister purposes or albeit political purposes. I choose to align more with the latter.

You may recall that we had been highlighting the Digital Agenda as the best political option for 2023 and beyond and naturally it has been well received by the citizenry to the extent that Dr. Isa Pantami has emerged as the most suitable choice for the Vice Presidency of the country owing to the need for returning power back to the south for national unity and cohesion purposes. Since we had been advertising the matter as political participation agenda, it will also be unrealistic to not expect such smear campaigns even though this particular one went crudely and showcased people who lack tact and strategy.

How can a man who was the only cleric in the nation that had an open debate against the Boko Haram beliefs with late Muhammad Yusuf now have ties with the same man? The videos of such debate are public property on YouTube since the propagators of the lies are supposedly internet savvy, they should have known about it, perhaps. It was even on the account of his opposition to the sect that he had to relocate to the United Kingdom to further his education up to the Doctorate Degree level. Would someone align with Education is a Sin mentality and also choose to go and pursue education up to that height? Cheap lies indeed have a short life span.

Furthermore, the propagators are supposedly respecters of the United Kingdom and the United States and do they in their very cheap thoughts think the UK would have harbored a man with the imaginary ties they described in their domain for several years and even awarded him a doctorate degree from the prestigious Robert Gordon University? Why must politics remain cheap in this country? The Digital Agenda thinks way bigger than that and that’s why it has become so intimidating to attract such big lies but guess what? It has just been punctured.

The ties between Dr. Pantami and the United States are also public knowledge through his alliances with MIT in Massachusetts and the Harvard University also. Or do the spin doctors think America would also allow who they described obtaining such prestigious certificates without vetting and identification? In fact, the US regards Pantami in very high esteem.

Again, before Dr. Pantami was appointed the DG of NITDA and subsequently a Minister of the Republic, security vetting is conducted by Nigeria’s security apparatchik so where do you place all that. It is so easy to be like or better than Pantami and all you have to do is obtain appropriate education and skill. That way you will need fewer spin doctors and propaganda but concentrate more on strategy and track records.

As for Dr. Pantami, he has been tested and trusted and he is only going to continue to run on his records!

May God Bless Nigeria

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