In an attempt to address the needs of its esteemed consumers who are health conscious and want to live a healthy lifestyle, LG Electronics in the last few years has focused on innovative ways to deliver the next generation of quality products that will fit into the smart home of the future.

This is because life is not just about having the latest electronics but about the experiences technology creates. To live a healthy and more convenient lifestyle, many people across the world are seeking eco-friendly, energy-saving and sustainable smart home appliances than ever before.

In the residential air conditioners market, some of the products that the company has achieved remarkable innovation success are the ARTCOOL and DUALCOOL Premium Air Conditioners. LG ARTCOOL and DUACOOL Premium are life-changers because they are beyond just ACs as they are packed with health benefits such as the Plasmaster Ionizer that removes 99% of adhering bacteria and deodorizes and 40% fast cooling.

Speaking on these drives, Mr. Jung June Yoon, Product Manager Air Solutions, LG Electronics, West Africa Operations, explained that LG’s Dual inverter compressor technology enables residential air conditioners to operate at a pleasantly low noise level, enabling users to relax or rest comfortably without the distracting hum of the air conditioner.

“LG DUALCOOL Premium Air Conditioners are equipped with dual premium design and unique features such as Smart ThinQ, ice & custom cooling and energy saving. It comes in Rose Gold and White Colour, they are truly an epitome of beauty as they add décor and novelty to your home,” he said.

Yoon added that the ultra-sleek black mirror and frame adds an extra touch of elegance to its already stunning appearance, making it ideal for premium-style homes. The eye-catching aesthetic design of the appliance is sure to attract attention just as its convenient features are guaranteed to enhance the usability

LG takes AI to the next level and learns its surroundings and customers on its own and works in the best way. LG ARTCOOL product is equipped with sympathetic artificial intelligence which notifies the user of the driving mode that changes according to the situation without a customer’s question and tells the necessary information.

Compared to a general cooling of 10.8℃ in average, LG DUALCOOL Premium Air Conditioner blows 6.8℃ wind in average to provide instant cooling when it is turned on. Even the electric fans adjust the wind directions. It does not make sense an air conditioner is unable to adjust the wind directions. The only air conditioner in the country that provides custom cooling of direct-indirect winds with up-down left right wind control.

LG Inverter ACs available in Nigeria today include ARTCOOL 2.0HP; DUALCOOL 1.5HP; ARTCOOL 1.5HP; DUALCOOL 2.0HP and many others.

All the new range of LG air conditioners and other smart home products are available at all Fouani Nigeria Limited outlets in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kano, Jos, Asaba, Ibadan and Benin City.


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