With so much to look forward to as we come to the end of the European League season and beginning of the much-awaited UEFA Euro tournament, now is the ideal moment to upgrade to a new TV – one that will never make you miss a game, catch every goal and make you feel like you’re there to witness all the exhilarating contests and mind-blowing plays as they unfold.

When it comes to shopping for a TV that is great for watching sports, there’s more to consider than just screen size and colour expression to deliver that realistic stadium/arena feel, high-quality motion control handling is crucial. Because to keep up with the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it movements of the world’s top athletes, you’ll need a TV that can handle it all without any motion blur or drop off in detail. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to follow a flickering, blurry soccer ball stuttering its way across the screen, or watching a titanic battle between two star players reduced to a fuzzy, indistinct mess.

To all sports fan, LG offers a variety of TVs that can capture all of the blistering action in absolute clarity. From multi-award-winning OLED TVs to the soon-to-launch QNED Mini LED TVs, and the more affordable yet highly capable NanoCell TVs; the company has all of your sports-viewing needs covered.

Only available on LG TVs, Sports Alert keeps you effortlessly up to date on your favorite teams. Receive notifications when their games are about to begin, real-time scoring alerts and final results even while you’re watching other content. You can also easily check out your teams’ upcoming matches and other key information so you’re always ‘in the know.’ Users can select their favourite teams in various sports – Football, Basketball, baseball, etc. to receive automatic updates at the start of a match, whenever a team scores and when the game ends. The information is displayed over the program broadcast on the screen via a notification banner.

Never miss updates on your favourite team, says Mr. Mike Ahn, General Manager Home Entertainment TV Division, LG Electronics West African Operations.

“Catch every moment of your favourite team with LG Sports Alert. Get real time alerts for your favourite sports news and don’t miss out on the latest results, even when you’re watching another programme. It is available for 14 sports (such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey) and you can select up to 20 teams to follow on your LG smart TV.’’

The TV was designed with fans in mind as it features Sports Alert notifications. With this feature in LG TVs, users are updated on their team’s latest news and kick-off times, so not even a second of exciting play is missed. And with all the technology in today’s TVs, setting up a TV correctly for a big match would normally be a chore,” he said.

For the ultimate in realistic picture quality, LG OLED is your go-to option. Thanks to LG OLED’s self-lit pixels, which can turn on and off independently, LG OLED TVs can display fast-moving sports with outstanding detail, colour and contrast, no matter how hectic the action gets. OLED Motion Pro further enhances the impressive motion handling performance of LG’s next-gen TVs, allowing viewers to see the most subtle of details in every split-second play, in every type of sport. And with screen options ranging from 55- to 88-inches, there’s an LG OLED for every space and every preference.

A solid all-rounder, LG NanoCell shouldn’t be overlooked in the ‘ideal for watching sports’. In addition to providing all of LG’s sports-centric features and big screen sizes, LG NanoCell produces incredibly pure colours, leveraging 1nm-sized nanoparticles to filter out colour impurities and enhance colour expression. With 100% Color Consistency, the TVs display colours with accuracy and vibrancy, making you feel as though you’re seated in the stands, witnessing the skill and passion of your sporting heroes in person.


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