Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading technology, lifestyle and solutions distribution giant, TD Africa, has again blazed the trail, beating other multinationals in the West African region to obtain the much-coveted Huawei Enterprise Business Group (EBG) 4-Star Certified Service Partner (CSP) Certification for Internet Protocol (IP) and Information Technology Networking.

With the certification, TD Africa has become the first and only technology distribution company to obtain the certification in West Africa, especially in Nigeria and Ghana, West Africa’s leading technology markets.

The certification comes with lots of good news for TD partners in the region, says the company’s Head of Marketing, Foluso Olulade, who explained that TD Africa is already working assiduously to obtain the Huawei EBG 5-Star CSP certification, the zenith of the certification sphere.

“Our aim is to attain a 5-Star CSP in IT, IP and Cloud Collaboration. So far, we have attained 4-Star CSP for IP network and IT, while we have a 3-Star CSP for Cloud Collaboration,” Olulade said.

Huawei Business Enterprise Unit Manager at TD Africa, Mr. Kenneth Ogugua, hinted that with the new certification, TD Africa has been empowered to offer a 360-degree bouquet of services to partners, starting from sales to implementation and maintenance of IP and IT networking protocols.

Ogugua said: “This certification means that TD Africa is qualified to carry out some implementations onsite. This is applicable to co-care, which simply means services sold by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Huawei, but implemented by technology distribution companies, represented by TD Africa in this instance. Therefore, our engineers can go to sites to install servers, networking systems, among other solutions for our plethora of partners.

“The importance of this certification is that it gives TD Africa an edge over other distributors. When it comes to quotations for co-care services, TD Africa can definitely count on more discounts from Huawei, which will surely rub off on our partners. Therefore, our 4-Star status improves our service orientation.

‘‘It is a plus for TD Africa, our partners, as well as the IP and IT networking markets in the West African sub-region. TD Africa boasts further leverage with a functional post-sales team, which others can hardly muster.

“Equally important, this certification represents a boost for TD partners. It means they do not need to sublet their implementation services to third parties. TD Africa can do a full bouquet, meaning if our partners want the equipment, we can deliver these, and if they want installations, we will gladly do so and even maintain such installations, for the next three years, if they so desire.

“Please note also that this scenario will save our partners the stress of searching for partners to play in these three stages of solution orientations. In fact, it will save our partners from the temptation of utilizing the services of their competitors to maintain their installations.

“For us at TD Africa, this is a win-win situation for our partners, as many of them have been looking forward to this day, when a single technology company, with the might of TD Africa, will have the bandwidth to take up entire projects from supplying solutions to installing and maintaining such solutions, thereby saving our partners the headache and risks associated with using non-trusted sources,” he disclosed.

With over two decades of sterling performance to its name, TD Africa remains the leading tech distribution giant in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company, which pioneered the current four-tier market structure which brought sanity to the industry, has won a number of local and international awards for its outstanding leadership.


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