The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) today told the Nigerian House of Representatives that it cannot guarantee 100 percent security of electronic voting and transmission of results.

NCC’s executive commissioner, Stakeholder Management (ECSM), Mr. Adeleke Adewolu,  who appeared on behalf of the telecom regulator, also said no system is completely free from hackers.

“While concerns over the electronic transmission of results are genuine, no system can guarantee a 100 percent shield from hacking,” he said.

The EC also disclosed that elections results can only be transmitted by a 3G network, noting that 50 percent of the country has 3G coverage.

Mr. Adeleke Adewolu appearance to the lower house is coming as indications emerged yesterday that the Nigerian Senate has in the new electoral act amendment bill given the power to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to determine electronic voting and transmission of results in subsequent electioneering processes in Nigeria.

In the amendment to clause 52(3), which states that INEC may transmit results by electronic means where and when practicable, the bill noted that the commission may transmit results by electronic means provided the network is adjudged to be adequate and secured by the Nigerian communications commission.

The 2021 electoral amendment bill became a subject of controversy when reports surfaced suggesting the removal of the option of electronic transmission of results from section 52(3) of the act.


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