TIMOTHY CHIMHURUMNANYA OGBORUCHE is a, seasoned entrepreneur, business consultant, leadership expert, motivational speaker and geologist by training. He is the CEO of Teleworld Hub Enterprises, one of Nigeria’s leading telecommunications firms with branches across the country. He is also the President of Tehila Integrated Services Limited the parent company for Tehila Sounds which specializes in providing Pro Sound solutions to any specification and capacity. In this interview, the Isuochi, Abia State-born serial entrepreneur talks about the activities of his Teleworld Hub, the place of technology in Nigeria’s overall economic development and topical sundry issues. 

As the CEO of Teleworld Hub Enterprises, can you tell us what the hub is all about?

Teleworld Hub is a telecommunications outfit that provides solutions in the mobile phone, accessories and gadgets space. It also has a learning centre that builds knowledge capacity in the IT sector. Under the auspices of Aptech, we teach various courses under ACCP and Multimedia. This is further enhanced with our affiliation with various schools in UK and Canada. Middlesex University where one can graduate with degrees and diplomas. Summarily, Teleworld Hub is a multifaceted outfit that provides end-to-end IT and telecommunications solutions.

What role do you think the telecommunications sector can play in contributing to Nigeria’s paradigm shift to a digital economy?

It is well known that the world is a global village. This feat was only achieved with the help of telecommunications. What this means is that the world has become digitalized and the mobile phone is right at the centre of it. Every sector has been impacted by this development for the better and Nigeria is gradually embracing this change. We can now see a lot of sectors like banks, entertainment, health becoming more pragmatic in their use of the phone to reach even the grassroots in Nigeria. This tells us that Nigeria is already on the digital growth trajectory.

Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics released a report showing that the ICT sector contributed a significant 14.07% to Nigeria’s GDP. What do you think were the factors responsible for this positive result?

Most of the points highlighted in the previous question are responsible for this laudable feat. The honest truth is that Nigerians are increasingly beginning to embrace and enjoy the swift, stress-free and more effective solutions that the ICT sector has to offer in all spheres of their lives and this extends right down to the grassroots.

Your firm is into mobile phone marketing, would you say you are impressed with the quality and standard of phones in Nigerian markets?

Well, the honest truth is that the Mobile phone market is a largely unregulated sector thus, there is still a lot of porosity as regards the quality and standard of some mobile phones. Things are great, but they could be better.

What do you think can be done to curb the importation of sub-standard phones in Nigeria?

Regulation and standardization is the way to go. The government should take pragmatic steps to put measures in place that will curb the menace of making Nigeria a technology dumpsite with the importation of sub-standard products.

What’s your view about the speculations in some quarters that there is a correlation between COVID-19 and 5G technology?

The fallacy of hasty conclusion. Pandemics have come and gone over the past centuries and decades. This is not the first and won’t be the last. Humanity can sometimes be plagued and this eventually leads to the invention of new medicines and breakthroughs in the health sector.

Looking at what the world would look like post-COVID-19 era, how do you see technology playing a role in shaping lives and economies?

The COVID-19 era made it possible for the world to realise that it can function at almost full capacity with maximum impact in all spheres virtually and digitally from the confines of our homes. Post-COVID, this will be leveraged much more and economies will further invent and embrace the endless possibilities that technology provides and this will positively impact economies even far better than pre-COVID times.

Tell us about Tehila Sounds and Tehila Records?

Tehila Integrated Services Limited is the parent company for Tehila Sounds which specializes in the provision and installation of Pro Sound solutions to any specification. Tehila Sounds are the sole Nigerian distributor for Amate Audio Sounds, Spain. Tehila Sounds partners yearly with the renowned ‘The Experience’ concert by providing sound solutions as well as other events. Tehila Records is another offshoot company that is responsible for artist management, event management, Concerts, audio recordings and engineering. Some of the events handled by Tehila Records include the top three best concerts in Nigeria such as Alabanza Concerts (the most recent edition held in Johannesburg South Africa), Praise Flame Market Concerts and Enkay Live in Concert.

Tehila Studios is yet another Arm that is a Hub for Multimedia and audio-visual solutions with the latest technology to cater to the needs of the entertainment sector in all capacities like music production, video production, live streaming, documentaries, movie productions and talk shows.

How have technology applications helped in your recording and sound business? 

It has made things simpler, faster and better. Currently, your music can be heard all over the world at the tap of a button and it’s easier to track revenues from streaming and downloads. Technology is indeed the future.

What is your advice for young individuals who are planning to go into business?

Be sure about your intention, have a business plan, put structure in place for everything and stick to it. Be frugal with money and watch your expenses like a hawk, hire few necessary hands, train them and partner with them for progress. Take accounting and bookkeeping very seriously at every level, aspire to get better every day and keep acquiring new knowledge in your chosen area of endeavor.



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