Nigerian government-owned digital and network communications services provider, Galaxy Backbone in partnership with Zadara yesterday engaged stakeholders on the importance of Cloud Services for business growth.

During the virtual engagement with the theme ‘Cloud Services & The Journey Towards a Digital Economy: Opportunities for Business Growth’, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Galaxy Backbone, Prof. Muhammed Abubakar, explained that the virtual event is meant to strengthen its presence in delivering world-class Cloud services that will be beneficial to the unique needs of public and private sector organizations across Nigeria.

He said with Covid-19 changing lifestyle and the business atmosphere, where a lot more people are spending more time online today because that’s where the world has shifted to, it is important to get their customers and prospective Clients from the public and private sectors to start thinking of moving the applications to a cloud environment to optimize their business and create more value.

“We have discovered in the last couple of months that the internet is no longer looked at as a mere gateway but a formidable platform, where billions of transactions going into billions of dollars can begin and end without people having to meet physically,” he said in his welcome address.

He disclosed that Galaxy Backbone decided to partner Zadara to provide and deplore infrastructure for connectivity and cloud services, stressing that the event will raise the awareness of adopting cloud services as a key element towards taking advantage of the huge potentials of a digital economy.

According to Prof. Abubakar, Galaxy Backbone and Zadara Cloud Services Offer its service in a secure environment powered by Galaxy Backbone’s digital services infrastructure. “We are very confident that through the service we have put together with ZADARA today, we assure you we will deliver on your cloud services needs,” Prof. Bello assured.

Also commenting, Baffajo Beita Head of Enterprise Business Group at Galaxy Backbone said the Galaxy Backbone and Zadara Cloud Services Webinar For Business Growth was organized as part of Galaxy Backbone’s effort to become a competitor in the platform market and a major contributor to the platform revolution.

According to him, from Galaxy Backbone’s perspective as the service provider, the nature of supply changes spare capacity and allows Galaxy Backbone to harness contributions and not acquisitions from its suppliers and vendors.

This also allows Galaxy Backbone to concentrate more on innovation, digitizing government, and overall contribution to the digital economy in Nigeria. With all that said, Galaxy Backbone has now created an ecosystem of symbiotic relationships consisting of actors that will help leverage Galaxy Backbones Enterprise Business Model to achieve shared success together.

These partnerships consist of two extremes. On the left-hand side of the platform, it has partners feeding into it their products and services that fill in the gaps in capabilities desired by Galaxy Backbone. These adequately address the major paradigms of cloud computing, Cyber Security, and Connectivity Services.

This also led to the partnership that it now has with Zadara. Zadara has filled in certain areas Galaxy Backbone desire in its existing cloud platforms and has given the company the ability to reach customers on a global scale.

A customer could be sitting in the far reaches of the globe such as Japan or sitting in Jigawa State and both users can immediately start participating in the value the platform offers. Consumers in the enterprise space or individual application developers can take advantage of the scalability with AWS EC2 like services at significantly lower costs.

“We are very excited about this partnership with Zadara and the possibilities of giving our customers cloud solutions with AWS-like functionality that they can pay for in Naira. Furthermore, we are equally excited that this partnership will help disrupt capital flight from our digital economy and provide data sovereignty and data domestication for our customers in a secure and efficient manner,” added Baffajo Beita stated further.


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