Ericsson has introduced an intelligent deployment process that uses technologies like AI and ML to reduce 5G rollout complexity and offer communications service providers innovative ways to make more intelligent investment decisions.

The decision to introduce the intelligent deployment process is coming based on the introduction of 5G and cloud-based applications like virtualization, which has forced network deployment to becoming more complex and in need of revision.

“Widespread adoption of cloud-based services and virtualization, network deployments, upgrades, and expansion are making network deployment and evolution more complex,” it said.

The complexities, according to Ericsson include spectrum complexity and an increasing volume of parameters to be monitored; Small-cell densification, making logistics and integration more challenging; Hardware volumes, driving an increase in the number of network elements to put in place; Multi-vendor deployment models, with the arrival of Cloud RAN and edge and Critical use-case performance, requiring more accuracy and agility.

It advises that Communications service providers (CSPs) need to take into account these newly emerging considerations and revise their approach to network deployment – leveraging the latest available technologies.

A new reality for network deployment

Network rollout has traditionally been viewed as a series of sequential phases based on design, engineering, installation, and acceptance. Many of these phases have been, to a large extent, manual and labor-intensive processes.

Today, CSPs require more from network deployments, with more stringent performance requirements from 5G than they did from 4G. 5G offers exciting new opportunities having Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) in suburban areas, private network solutions in industrial areas with multiple connected factories and warehouses, and also high-performing consumer services in dense, urban environments.

With all the complexity that comes with 5G, it becomes more and more important to continuously optimize network upgrades, evolution, and maintenance. It is no longer enough to just put a network in place. It is vital that CSPs get a fully digitized view of the network that has been deployed and to know exactly what can be done on a particular site in the future without having to physically visit that site.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are now commonly used in many different industry sectors. The use cases for AI and ML include everything from consumer services through to agriculture and farming, security and surveillance, manufacturing and production. Advanced algorithms employed in AI and ML offer us a way to escape labor-intensive mundane business tasks by automating them and performing data analysis at speeds of which we could only dream.

Digitized network deployment is here

Network deployment that is digitized from design to acceptance, considering the performance required for each use case as well as topology, current and future traffic demands, is no pipe dream. It’s here and now.

We have combined tools that leverage international data standards with proprietary data and processes to provide CSPs with unified digitized experiences during deployment, expansion, upgrades, and, maintenance of their networks.

Ericsson Intelligent Deployment offers CSPs quick return on investments with fast and efficient rollout and fast site activation. It delivers standardization and digitalization of the full network lifecycle using a modular suite of capabilities that focuses specifically on network deployment. Ericsson Intelligent Deployment offers:

Redesigned network deployment for the 5G age

Ericsson Intelligent Deployment is designed to enrich and improve our service-delivery capabilities. It represents a modular, future-proof, data-driven, and holistic approach to network deployment and network lifecycle management.

As a trusted partner to service providers around the world, we at Ericsson are committed to delivering the most reliable, most efficient, and accurate network deployments, and operations. We believe that Ericsson Intelligent Deployment ticks all of those boxes so CSPs can break free of traditional network rollouts and make even smarter investment decisions to capture the potential of the 5G era.


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