The new Country Director for UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, Adaeze Sokan has reiterated commitment to the growth of Nigeria’s tech ecosystem, stressing that the digital sector remained an important part of the country’s economy.

An excited Adaeze said she is looking forward to deepening the ongoing work that supports more tech founders, especially women and will continue to foster linkages between the UK and Nigeria, supports the growth of high-end digital skills and strengthens partnerships with government and business to harness the potential of the UK and Nigeria tech ecosystem.

“I strongly believe that innovation-driven start-ups are the most sustainable path for driving a strong digital economy. In turn that boosts sustainable and inclusive growth, job creation and poverty reduction in Nigeria,”  she noted.

Adaeze Sokan has over 6 years of experience working in the tech sector. Before joining the UK -NIGERIA Tech hub, she was the Acting Executive Director of Ventures Platform Foundation where she led the team in designing and implementing organisational strategic objectives for supporting start-ups; and the ecosystem in creating jobs and access while collaborating and engaging different ecosystem players.

She has worked with different partners including the Office of the President and Vice President to provide advisory support and programme design. She also worked with international partners such as the European Union, World Bank, US Embassy, USAID, the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office as well as private sector partners such as ARM, Google, Microsoft and Facebook interested in supporting and engaging the ecosystem. She led the first delegation of start-up participants from Nigeria to SLUSH, Finland one of Europe’s foremost accelerators and conferences in 2016 and facilitated other inter-country initiatives.


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