Beiersdorf Nivea Nigeria, a leading manufacturer of personal care products, has implemented Infobip’s WhatsApp Application Programme Interface (API) for Business and Moments solution to help with faster and seamless customer engagement.

Client background

Beiersdorf Nivea Nigeria is a division of Beiersdorf Nigeria, a subsidiary of German multinational company Beiersdorf. The group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers of personal care products. Its brands include Elastoplast, Eucerin, Labello, La Prairie, Nivea, Tesa and Coppertone. Beiersdorf Nivea Nigeria is headquartered in Lagos and is a manufacturer, distributor and exporter of Nivea, one of the largest skincare brands in the world, which is available in more than 200 countries across the globe.

The challenge

As a leading manufacturer of personal care products, Beiersdorf Nivea Nigeria mainly deals with large distributors and smaller retail outlets to get its products to market.

The company identified three specific requirements. Firstly, was the need to gather better quality data and insights of its end-user. Secondly, the organization recognized that gaining relevant feedback for its promotional campaigns, which often involve the distribution of free product samples to attract new users and promote new product lines, was a necessity. Lastly, the organisation also saw a need to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which would allow end-users to engage directly with the brand and build customer loyalty. This would enable the company to monitor any suggestions or complaints regarding its product range that could be used to inform its decision-making processes going forward.

The solution

In 2020, Beiersdorf Nivea Nigeria approached its technology partner, Lagos-based TBO Integrated Services, to seek a solution that would improve its customer engagement model. TBO specialises in shaping organisational change and digital transformation, developing practical and workable solutions. TBO also partners with global leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and is an Infobip Silver Partner, under the Infobip Partner Programme.

TBO approached Infobip regarding a potential collaboration for the Beiersdorf Nivea Nigeria project. As a global communications expert with the largest range of programmable channels on offer by a provider, Infobip came on board to implement its WhatsApp for Business API, combined with its Moments omnichannel customer engagement solution.

Infobip was chosen based on its local presence, technical expertise, and its professional, proactive and customer-centric approach. TBO worked with Infobip on the solution design and implementation, and the project was completed over a period of three months. Infobip’s Moments solution enables customer engagement campaigns to gain meaningful reach, relevance and response. The workflow-based software allows organisations to build automated customer engagement scenarios. In this particular use case, the solution met Beiersdorf Nivea Nigeria’s requirement to build fixed-time campaigns, surveys and event-based engagement scenarios. Infobip’s WhatsApp for Business API solution leveraged the widespread use of the WhatsApp channel for communication among end-users. The ubiquity of WhatsApp meant that Beiersdorf Nivea Nigeria could engage with its end customers at any time via their preferred communication channel through texting or sharing rich media content.

The result

The implementation of Infobip’s WhatsApp for Business API and Moments solution empowered Beiersdorf Nivea Nigeria to engage with its end users directly and seamlessly. This engagement meant the organisation could receive valuable feedback regarding product preferences and sentiments, as well as usage trends across its various markets in the region. Infobip’s Moments solution enabled the launch of campaigns across multiple channels, designed to obtain customer information and build end-user profiles. This allows Beiersdorf Nivea Nigeria to collect valuable data on customer location, age, skin type and product preferences, which in turn makes it easier for the company to make product recommendations.

Ultimately, better customer engagement builds brand loyalty and trust.


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