The organizer of the annual Cyberchain Conference has disclosed it will reward five Nigerian youths, who will emerge from a hackathon competition that will be organised during this year’s conference scheduled to hold November 19-20 at the prestigious Oriental Hotel in Lagos.

Disclosing this at a press conference yesterday, Mr. Jude Ozinegbe, Convener of the Cyberchain Conference, said the rewards range from $1,000 USD for the first position, $500 USD for the second position while the third position will go home with $300 USD.

Meanwhile, the fourth and fifth positions will go home with smartphones.

He said while the monetary value of the reward may be little, the real value these five Nigerians will take home is the exposure and experience in programing and coding and will ultimately in no small measure, discourage unethical hacking, which is presently rampant among the youths.

“The essence of the hackathon during the 2-day Cyberchain Conference is to encourage the youths and expose them to the opportunities inherent in Information and Communications Technology. The truth is, there is a lot of money to be made legitimately leveraging technology. There shouldn’t be Internet scams among the youths if they are exposed to how technology can be used to make money,” he said.

He explained that the application for the hackathon competition starts today being 29th of September 2021 and will last for six days. Interested applicants should log on to and see the application process and other details.

Meanwhile, this year’s Cyberchain Conference with the theme ‘Enabling the Digital Economy,’ will focus on trending technologies such cybersecurity, digital economy and blockchain with emphasis on how blockchain technology can Nigeria in its digital economy drive.

The conference, according to Mr. Jude will give stakeholders the opportunity to listen to thought leaders in the Cybersecurity and Blockchain ecosystems, experience the power of physical engagements with permissionless connections and build powerful business networks, do smart pitches, sign deals and get instant gigs.


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