Mr. Seun Dania, a fintech player and Chief Executive Officer of Tradefada,  an advanced and easy-to-use Nigerian cryptocurrency mobile application for buying, selling and exchanging Bitcoin, has criticized the way and manner the eNaira platform, introduced by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) was launched. 

He argued that though, the eNaira is well timed as it has been long overdue, the apex bank planned the digital currency platform to fail, going by the inadequate research, planning and testing before the execution.

“As with any project, stakeholder management is very crucial to project success. The CBN simply launched apps as if it were an SME with very little influence and coverage. There was little or no engagement, education with the merchants end users. No consideration or means to address the inadequate IT infrastructure which is a catalyst for successful deployment,” he said.

According to him, the largest eyesore was the fact that the eNaira was launched with Mr. President and the CBN Governor holding a physical board, stressing that one would have expected that a govt willing to go digital would at the least launched the eNaira by demonstrating the app usage, whereby Mr. President received the first live minted eNaira and wallet and is able to make a transfer to another user.

Speaking on the purported removal of the eNaira from the appstore, Mr. Seun noted that the removal from the app store still goes to show there were no proper tests carried out. He believes that the removal may have been due to various factors which could include bugs and crashes.

“Though, the app is back on the play store, but I still very much doubt the app can withstand heavy usage from half the population of Nigeria,” he argued further.


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