Global developers and creators have been called upon by facebook to build immersive XR solutions for the chance to win a total of $700,000 USD in cash prizes.

“This month, we’ll be welcoming global developers and creators to build immersive XR solutions for the chance to win a total of $700,000 USD in cash prizes,” Facebook announced in a newsletter.

According to the social media giant, XR Hachathon, which is sponsored by Meta Platforms, Facebook’s parent company will run online from November 9–22, 2021 will have participants form teams with fellow innovators and choose between two product challenge areas — Spark AR and Presence Platform — while receiving special access to resources and experts.

It therefore called on developers and creators to register now to be among the first to receive details on the challenges as soon as they’re released on November 9th.

The XR hachathon is open to individuals, organizations and teams (up to 4 people). Each individual must be 18+ and legal age of majority and not reside in a jurisdiction that is under trade or economic sanction or on any program or country list designated by the USA Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, and specifically excludes Quebec, CA, China, Crimea, Cuba, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.


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