Cyberchain, Nigeria’s most engaging and people focused Cybersecurity and Blockchain Conference holds on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th November 2021. With the theme: Embracing The Digital Economy, the organizers hope to change the paradigm of Nigerians, as it affects their approach to Digital Solutions.

Day 1 will focus on the benefits of 5G Technology, Digital Currencies and Regulations, Real Estate Tokenization, Non-Fungible Tokens, eSports, GameFi and more.

Day 2 will however take the event a step higher by focusing on Cryptocurrency Compliance, Digital Forensics, and general Cybersecurity best practices.

The event will feature various Speakers, who are proven subject matter experts and professionals in their respective disciplines.

Cyberchain will climax on Day 2 with a Cybersecurity Hackathon, dubbed Cyberthon.

Cyberthon is aimed at raising awareness, showcasing skill sets and rewarding ethical cybersecurity best practices, through competitions, collaborative continuous education, and job engagements.

Prizes range from N300,000 to N500,000 with Smart Phones as consolation prizes.

All finalists will also have access to the developers API of Bitmama to build Fintech solutions.

Cyberthon has been made possible by the magnanimous sponsorship of Digital Encode, NCC, Bitmama, TradeFada, Binance and A&D Forensics with support from NITDA, ESET, SiBAN, BNUG, FTX, HaggleX and others.


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