The International Data Corporation (IDC) has given worldwide future of customer and customer prediction for 2022. 

Senior Research Manager, Cloud/IT Services, IDC South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, Jon Tullett, who shared this at this year’s Connect Interact and Transact (CIT) event, organized by Clickatell, noted that by 2023, 25percent of global banks will use AI-based sentiment analysis to improve customer experience.

He also predicted that 25percent of companies will offer tracking transparency for customer complaints. This will be so successful that by 2025 this number will rise to 75 percent of global companies.

“By 2026, AI interactions and analytics will deliver deeply personalized journey engagement, eliminating up to 40 percent of marketing and sales human touchpoints in B2B interactions,” he said.

Meanwhile, Pieter de Villiers, Co-Founder and CEO at Clickatell, has given his views on how the chat revolution will evolve over the coming years.

According to him, every brand will have to find new ways of reaching their customers, especially in the last two years during the global Covid pandemic. “Looking ahead, every digital interaction between a brand and its customer provides a learning opportunity to make the experience exponentially better. Along with the advancements in AI, we will see Chat Commerce evolve into personalized commerce, and we believe our chat offering will be the bridge to help companies reach that next level of engagement,” he explained.


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