Simplifying the process of getting ISO certifications for corporate organizations across Africa is one of the expertises Delta Tech Africa Limited is bringing to the African business environment, the Director – Corporate Governance & Regulatory Compliance of Delta Tech Africa Limited, Mr. Seyi Katola has explained.

In a statement in Lagos, Seyi Katola noted that being aware of the really lengthy and tiresome processes through which corporate organisations can be ISO certified, Delta Tech Africa Limited, a Quality consulting organization with focus on performance management across business verticals, decided to leverage its expertise to make the process smooth, easy and affordable for corporate organisations, especially in Africa and other emerging economies.

According to him, the idea behind simplifying the ISO certification processes is to get the best organisational performance and value across the fast-growing continent of Africa and other emerging economies which many analysts and industry watchers believe is gradually berthing industrialization.

“Delta Tech Africa offers ISO certifications as a service for worthy clients at convenient costs and at a record time. The certification solutions offered by our expert consultants and partners make sure that you just don’t get the certificate but get the true business benefits and values. Our approach is simple and easy to understand. So, if you are thinking of certification for your company, trust our expertise in this field and let us partner with you to create a winning solution for your business success,” he said.

While urging corporate organisations across Africa to get ISO Certification for improved processes, global markets availability, improved clients trust and confidence, reduced costs and eligibility for tenders, Seyi Katola in the statement argued that Organizations with standardized processes and certifications tend to fare better than their counterparts in this dynamic market space.

ISO certification, according to him increases return on investment for companies, automates process and procedures, increases productivity, improves security and trust and help to deliver quality products and services.

A check on Delta Tech Africa Limited indicates that the company processes ISO Certifications across all major industries on the African continent.


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