In alignment with the company’s commitment and dedication to Innovation, Canon CCNA recently announced the next leap forward in full-frame mirrorless cameras – the professional-grade Canon EOS R3. Building on the success of the EOS R camera series, Canon EOS R3 is packed with robustness and performance that can deliver maximum speed, versatility, and reliability for sports, wildlife photographers and reportage. The company has also kick-started its Canon R tour – a series of roadshow events that will give people a chance to get up, close and personal with the revolutionary camera from January until December 2022. The R3 roadshows will be held in different countries inviting people from diverse backgrounds to participate in the dry run and experience the genius innovation of Canon R3 firsthand.

Leveraging its technological advancements developed for the original EOS R series in 2018 as well as bridging the gap between the much-celebrated EOS R5 and the illustrious Canon flagship EOS-1DX line, Canon EOS R3 highlights outstanding AF performance and swiftness with fast-moving subjects. The EOS R3 is also the first “3” series camera from Canon since the widely used EOS-3 film camera launched in 1998. Additionally, with the EOS R3, photographers can now enjoy a top shutter speed of 1/64,000sec and 30fps burst shooting, with simultaneous AF/AE tracking.

Master movement with advanced autofocus

One of the key features of Canon’s new innovation involves the next-generation Eye Control autofocus technology that allows for the camera to seamlessly focus wherever the photographer is looking thus enabling extreme agility in fast-paced scenarios. Commenting on his experience with Canon R3, multitalented Lifestyle and Fashion Photograoher Lorenzo Salemi, says, “We live in the age of content and any tool that makes generating content easier for you is a jackpot. I have been in the field of photography for years toying with different subject but never have I ever been so impressed with a camera before. The autofocus and eye-control features undoubtedly set this camera apart from everything else that’s available on the market, the EOS R3 captures fleeting moments at 30fps, revealing details that are missed with the naked eye. So whether you want to shoot motorbikes or wildlife or capture details in fashion photography, Canon’s R3 has got your back. After just 2 days of using the camera, I realized I wanted to use it for shooting all kinds of images, the camera really unlocks your potential to creativity. It’s like the sky is your limit when you have Canon R3 by your side. The battery life is another brownie point, one can easily shoot up to 1500 images without batting an eyelid, making EOS R Camera a dynamo that lets you outperform and outpace with its potent blend of innovative design, intuitive controls and ergonomic excellence.”

Pushing optical boundaries

The design of the camera integrates a high-resolution 5.76m-dot OLED EVF and a 3.2″ vari-angle touchscreen LCD, along with dual memory card slots, wireless and wired connectivity, and an updated Multi-Function Shoe design for expanded accessory compatibility. Paras Chandaria, Kenyan Wildlife Photographer, tried his hand on the Canon R3 for the past couple of months concluding that this newest addition from Canon is par excellence.

Elaborating about his experience, he said, “As a wildlife photographer, I have been an avid user of Canon but this year I challenged myself to shoot African Fish Eagles in action at Lake Naivaisha and Lentorre Lodge’s photography hide to try photographing the rare and nocturnal species at the Ol Kiramatian Conservancy. And I couldn’t have asked for a better camera than Canon R3 which makes the ultimate choice available right now in the market with its advanced technology and features for complicated photography scenarios like these. I was amazed to see how great the images came out as it is not easy to capture African fish eagles which are extremely fast, but the results were amazing. The biggest plus point for me is the design ergonomics that make wildlife shooting easier, as we cannot carry bulky equipment in the wild so the camera-body design is of critical importance to wildlife photographers, not only is Canon R3 the perfect size and weight but its exceptional battery can support you to shoot in nature for more than 24 hours uninterrupted. Canon R3 has hit the spot for fast-paced photography with its advanced technology and user-friendly design.”

Perfection personified: flawless features for optimum output

The camera is capable of shooting 6K 60p RAW and 4K 120p 10-bit uncropped video with Canon Log 3 support, in addition to the possibility for oversampled 4K and RAW movie internal recording. Emmanuel Oyeleke, esteemed Canon Ambassador and lifestyle photographer, assessed the camera in a trial run for two months eventually filming a documentary solely with the new EOS R3. Coining the EOS R3 as a ‘Canon’s Phenomenal Masterpiece’, Emmaneul elaborates further on his experience, “I am thoroughly impressed using the EOS R3 for past few months, be it the new technology, the added features or ergonomics or the battery life. It takes the art of photography to the next level with the amount of ease it offers whilst shooting. I shot a complete documentary merely with Canon EOS R3, however once you see it, it is hard to tell that there is only one piece of equipment involved in shooting as it is pretty similar to the film-grade image quality. For the purpose of my documentary, I had to shoot various fast-paces subjects which the camera captured brilliantly. If you are looking for speed, power, accuracy, ease of use, the Canon R3 has it all to go above and beyond the call of duty. It is like a beast of a camera that lets you outperform in any situation, whether you are outdoors or indoors or in harsh climatic conditions. If you are someone like me who likes to shoot diverse subjects from fashion to street-style to nature to portraits, this is surely the camera that will captivate your imagination.  Continuing the legacy of 1DX series, Canon R3 is indeed every photographer’s dream and best-friend.”

Generation R – revolutionary hub for content creators

In order to imbue the revolutionary spirit that stands behind the design of the EOS R3 camera system amongst photographers and visual artists, Canon has invited around fifteen to twenty local photographers from the region to test-drive this newly launched camera under its Generation-R program. The hub features exciting photo competitions, prizes, exchange of useful equipment as well the current trends in the photography world. The chosen photographers will receive the new EOS R3 camera to assess its features, design, handling and the quality of images.

Furthermore, the company’s R tour – a spectacular road show series of activations from January to December 2022 where people can get their hands on the actual Canon R3 camera to feel and experience it for themselves will be held across various locations.

Speaking on the matter, Amine commented, “Canon’s R tour is an excellent opportunity for anyone to pilot study our new products from the EOS range as well as unite and network with other people to pursue and share their passion and knowledge with others. We are elevating our concept of touch and try through this roadshow where it is us that go to the people and let them have a go at our Canon R3.

There is no better way to gauge the success of your products than to have people test-drive these and receive authentic and genuine feedback on the spot, we are extremely confident that the Canon R3 will steal the hearts of people with its cutting-edge and innovative features.”


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