Mobile devices across the world have become a major tool for carrying out a wide range of functions such as storing images, documents, songs, movies, moments, the list goes on.

According to data by Rescue TIME, more than 5 billion people have mobile devices globally and they spend an average of 3 hours daily on their phones.

From sending official emails, filling online surveys, executing to-do lists, setting calendar reminders for important meetings to staying updated with news, and sharing activities with families and friends, smartphones have become a necessity in human lives, and their use has extended beyond trivial activities.

Despite the growing dependency on mobile devices for various activities, working with them often comes at the cost of mixing up files or losing them among hundreds of other stored contents. Also, there’s a tendency to encounter difficulties while transferring files from one device to the other.

When massive information stored on phones gets cluttered up, it’s very complicated to segment files into usable folders and easily find specific documents amongst myriads of other digital files.

The absence of a good file management system makes working on mobile hectic and sometimes rigorous. For mobile users to stay organised, a file management application, capable of proper grouping, sorting and file separation is essential.

Global file-sharing app, SHAREit Lite has highlighted this as a critical problem among the young digital-savvy population in Nigeria and aims to mitigate the challenge through its mobile app. According to Marvin Umebiye, Regional Marketing Director, SHAREit Lite, Nigeria. 

“Storing and arranging files properly on mobile devices can save tremendous time and remove the frustration of endless file searches. SHAREit Lite has explored different use cases for its app management feature, such as those who need to urgently upload files for registration on their mobile phones, entrepreneurs who need to easily access their pitch decks when pitching to investors, or students who need to share assignments cross-departments. These are critical moments when anxiety builds up and users run out of time, but such situations can be easily averted with proper file management which our app offers to all mobile users. The inability to access documents promptly when needed can sometimes cost more than is bargained for, and that’s the story of many mobile users today. It underscores why organizing files, music, images, etc., makes our lives more productive and easier” 

Having a multi-purpose app on your device can change how you and your team operate and it can help increase productivity in the workplace while preventing the loss of important data.

Through its multi-purpose and simple interface, SHAREit Lite is designed to empower every Nigerian mobile user with an app, capable of handling multiple functions, beyond sharing of files on devices.

Currently, users in Nigeria are finding diverse use cases for the app beyond file sharing and management. They include high-speed transmission, transfer without internet connection, cross-playlist access from the mobile, junk cleaning etc.

This is one of the reasons the app is recognized as one of the easiest to use in its category. SHAREit Lite also manages information with proper permission granted by users while harmonising information from other inter-linked apps, and granting absolute visibility to the primary user.


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