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The annual Consumer Electronics Show is well known for showcasing the most ambitious consumer technologies on the horizon, but one company stood out in terms of the variety of cutting-edge innovations this year.

South Korean electronics giant, LG turned up the heat at CES 2022 with a series of concepts that may find their way into people’s homes, but have certainly won us over.

DualUp Monitor

In both offices and work-from-home environments, dual-monitor configurations have long been prized. Being able to have important information open on one screen while working on another simplifies a lot of the workday. Alternatively, you may watch YouTube videos. That’s fine as well.

The DualUp monitor from LG is an intriguing new twist on this. It’s basically two 21.5-inch monitors placed on top of one other, resulting in a single screen with a comical 16:18 aspect ratio. LG justifies this by demonstrating that it performs the same function as two horizontally oriented monitors while reducing neck strain caused by repeatedly swiveling your head from left to right.

LG UltraGear

You can take your gaming to a whole new level with the LG UltraGear Gaming monitor 32GQ950. On the big UHD 4K panel, Nano IPS with ATW Polarizer technology allows high-fidelity color expression for portraying vibrant sceneries, while VESA DisplayHDR 1000 provides dynamic contrast. Gamers can enjoy breath-taking gaming performance and total immersion thanks to the IPS 1ms (GtG) response time and 144Hz (O/C 160Hz) refresh rate. LG 32GQ950 is compatible with the newest gaming consoles and can handle UHD 4K video with a variable refresh rate up to 120Hz through HDMI2.1.

LG PuriCare Aero Tower

This distinctive product is not simply an air purifier, as there’s also a heater and a fan built-in.

Nonetheless, its True HEPA multi-filtration technology is said to be capable of catching up to 99.97 percent of fine dust and allergens, so it may still fulfill its primary duty.

LG WashTower is a washer and dryer combo

Because of its stacked design, this washer-dryer combo is designed to take up half the floor area of a standard pair of appliances.

Furthermore, built-in sensors identify the load size and fabric type, allowing the wash motions and dry temperatures to be adjusted for optimum results. Furthermore, the dryer’s HeatPump system can extract and recycle moisture for added energy efficiency.

LG Display

Virtual Ride, which is essentially a combination of a standard exercise cycle and a floor-to-ceiling vertical screen, is another concept that has yet to be confirmed for home distribution. The goal is to totally immerse the rider in their training, transforming a home bike ride into, among other things, a stroll around a picturesque Italian house.

LG OLED evo Gallery Edition

According to LG, the new LG OLED evo Gallery Edition technology will provide “high picture quality, producing deeper shades of black and brighter highlights to reveal incredible levels of detail and color,” but the brightness is a key selling point, as “AI algorithms, powered by the advanced 9 Gen5 AI Processor, enable the display to be brighter than before.”

The G2 OLED evo will be offered in sizes ranging from 55 to 95 inches, with the Evo panel also being available for the C2 range’s higher sizes.

LG Omnipod

LG’s entire business is around home electronics and appliances. However, one of LG’s designs for CES 2022 is essentially an electronic home.

Another – presumably far-off – innovation is the Omnipod, which is a self-driving vehicle that you can live in. Big screens and AI virtual assistants join modular and upgradeable appliances to aid you with tasks like ordering food. It could possibly be a combination of an office, living room, and home theater. It’s also possible that it’ll never be available for purchase.

StanbyME TV

A classic story: You’re watching TV but need to go into another room for a few moments.

The StanbyME TV, a wireless, battery-powered TV-on-wheels that you can take around the house so you don’t miss a second of whatever you’re viewing, is our final LG oddity. It’s a 27-inch screen with adjustable height and viewing angle, as well as a phone cradle for making video calls. There are no restrictions on what you can watch because you may stream video directly from your phone to StanbyME.


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