OnePipe has partnered with Fidelity Bank to launch PayGatePlus, an enhanced version of PayGate, which is Fidelity Bank’s flagship gateway that enables businesses and merchants to collect online payments.

According to OnePipe, the essense of the partnership is to to help businesses and partners achieve maximum operational excellence, deeper customer intimacy and ultimately revenue growth. “We are excited to be partnering once again with Fidelity to upgrade the payment gateway,” said Ope Adeoye, CEO and Founder of OnePipe.

He explained that PayGatePlus essentially provides merchants with the rails to deliver diverse financial services to their customers across a range of platforms viz; website, mobile app, social media and even in-store (in the case of retail outlets)”.

PayGatePlus is a comprehensive embedded finance platform that empowers organizations in any sector to integrate financial services within their businesses and offerings. PayGatePlus’ services now include virtual accounts, web payments, online collections via NIBSS Instant Payment (NIP), funds transfer, direct debit, balance inquiry, statement, BVN validation, direct credit and Buy Now, Pay Later services.

Also commenting on the partnership, Mr. Stanley Amuche, Executive Director and Chief Operations and Information Officer of Fidelity Bank, said the partnership became necessary owing to the fact that innovation is the key pillar of the Bank’s strategic framework.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services and delight our customers. Everything we do as a financial organization including the design of our products and services has the customer as the main focus. It is on this basis that we have worked with our technical partner, Onepipe over the past few months to innovate a solution that enables businesses across different sectors to easily integrate financial services with their product offerings. The new PayGateplus is a significant upgrade of the legacy PayGate product and we’re very optimistic that it will open more opportunities for revenue growth for our customers.”

PayGatePlus helps take away the hassles of irreconcilable payments, reporting and settlement. Since its soft launch about a year ago, several brands across FMCG, Aviation, Agency banking and fintech sectors have embedded a range of the services available on the platform.


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