Susumi Capital, a Blockchain focused company has unveiled a platform using the blockchain as a solution to eliminating uncertainty and trust from the process of successfully raising funds online for any general purpose.

This is coming as blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency has been introduced to solve the often flawed process of raising funds through the traditional crowdfunding system commonly known as Esusu, of Isusu, which is prevalent in most parts of the world.

The platform, according to the company is a fusion of ancient traditional practices with modern technological innovation, as it operates an algorithm deployed as a Smart Contract on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Network, with the main function of the App being to allow anyone to create a Susu Fund and raise money in the form of Cryptocurrency from other Users of the App with ease..

“Susumi is a Web App that provides a blockchain emulation of the traditional Susu method of Social Finance, sometimes commonly known as ESUSU or AJO,” it said.

This platform offers a community of Donors willing to contribute funds to help provide for the lifestyle requirements of other Members, and at the same time returns the value of their donations back to the donors in Cryptocurrency.

The key advantage of the Susumi model is that by regulating participation in a Susu fund via a Smart Contract it eliminates the usual limitations of traditional Susu Fundraising groups such as transparency, security, consistency and trust of participants.

Typical applications of Susu Funds includes raising funds for personal and small business needs such as School Fees, medical expenses, real estate investments or travel. The platform is a Blockchain Decentralized Finance or DeFi App. This is a technology that enables people to get together and transact effectively without necessarily having to rely on the approval of third parties.

Susumi Decentralized Crowdfunding in simple terms means that anyone using the App can raise ANY amount of money for WHATEVER purpose, and from people, you don’t necessarily have to have anything in common with regardless of any social affiliation or geographical proximity.

The Susumi App is therefore presented as a tool for the economic transformation of individuals, particularly the financially underserved who have no access to institutional credit such as loans, overdra9 facilities and credit cards.

Susumi is a fast and simple way to raise funds. It is a great application of Blockchain that has the potential to transform the economic status of millions of people worldwide.

Susumi is powered by the SUSU Cryptocurrency Token which is currently being released via a Crowdsale. to be able to obtain the Token, prospective users can visit the website ( and register on the Whitelist by filling a web- to become eligible to participate in the Crowdsale.

This process, which is absolutely FREE, is for a very limited time and will pre-qualify anyone to be eligible to be among the early set of people to obtain the SUSU Tokens.



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