Glenwater Limited, a technology solutions provider today launch the Whistle Mobile App, which it says will address many of society’s social challenges, especially the ones that have to do with road users.

Speaking during the launch of the app today via zoom press conference, the General Manager of Glenwater Limited, Temitope Hundeyin explained that the Whistle App is a purpose-built solution for Nigerians to solve uniquely Nigerian problems.

“Whistle grew out of trying to address some of the daily frustrations that we all face as Nigerians getting about with our daily lives. We looked at the issue of constant hazards on our roads, the incessant traffic and other various social problems that affect our quality of life and we developed a solution that relies on the power of everyday Nigerians to collaborate to make an impact,” she said. 

According to her, Whistle is a mobile app that utilises crowdsourced information to achieve several key things such as report dangerous vehicles and dangerous driving, report traffic congestion and get the appropriate authorities to clear bottlenecks, report Accidents to secure aid for accident victims and ensure the road is clear for smooth traffic and flag vehicles driving with expired paperwork and instantly notify authorities to issue fines where applicable.

“We refer to our app users as Whistlers, every report submitted by a Whistler is backed by picture or video evidence and then seamlessly escalated to the appropriate authorities to provide a resolution. Part of what makes Whistle unique is that we have integrated a virtual wallet into the app that houses the rewards Whistlers receive for filing a report. This means that for reporting a vehicle driving with expired papers, the Whistler will earn a share of the fine paid,” she explained further.

She added that Whistle will save lives on the roads as any Nigerian will be able to quickly alert authorities if they see a vehicle on the road that is likely to cause havoc.

The submissions from such reports, according to her will automatically provide officers with the precise location of the dangerous vehicle as such alerts for traffic congestion and others will work in a similar fashion.

While urging Nigerians to leverage the app to improve their lives and create a safer and saner society, Hundeyi disclosed that the app is currently available for download on the app store and play store.


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