Are you at the crossroads of your career and need to make a major pivot? Do your friends and/or loved ones think you’ve got what it takes to be a star on the internet? For those of you who are intrigued with launching a lucrative six-figure career as a digital celebrity and social influencer, LFM Management’s CEO, John Nelson, shares seven tips for content creators to build a successful digital brand. John walks the talk — he left his career as a NY State litigator and morphed into a digital brand entrepreneur, representing some of the biggest and most diverse digital celebrities around the globe — including viral streamers such as Keemstar (12.6M followers), DavidsTV (2.31M followers) and FGTeeV (27M), to name a few.


Here are John’s seven tips you need to know before you are ready for your digital closeup: 


1. Recognize YOUR Talent: Find what your “it” factor is and create original, authentic and passionate content around your strengths.


2. Be Patient, Consistent and Positive: You CAN make millions in this industry, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Have patience, post consistently, and be positive — the keys to social media success!


3. Post on Multiple Platforms: Expand your brand on new and multiple platforms to keep up with how quickly the internet changes.


4. Collaborate with Fellow Creators: Capitalize on trending and collaboration opportunities with your audience and fellow creators.


5. Know When to Pivot: Follow your gut instinct to formulate your personal brand and make spontaneous pivots when you feel the audience is losing interest or not engaging.


6. Brush Off the Haters: Learn to take criticism from “haters” on the internet with a grain of salt.


7. Be Thankful: Remember, you’re only as good as your audience’s reactions. Make sure you stay humble and acknowledge your audience.


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