By Tricia Olufemi-Olumide


Creating premium content that is only accessible via subscription. This applies to monetization options where the content creator offers a part of their content for free and for further access, viewers need to

Digital Products

Creating digital products on your Knowledge niche and consider creating digital products with your Knowledge such as E-books, Webinars,  Bundles, Coaching, Membership, Group challenges, Online course and Consulting

Affiliate Marketing

Offering affiliate marketing services to software companies. With this tactic, the value exchange is your audience for a percentage of the revenue generated by the sale of a product or service. Earn commissions for generating traffic, leads or sales to another company’s products and services. E-commerce platforms like Amazon associate, Konga, Jumia; Software, Affiliate marketing hubs like Expertnaire etc

Content on monetisation platform

Creating engaging content and building authority on monetization platforms like Youtube, Tik-tok and Instagram where creators are paid for the amount of engagement they get on their content.

Native Advertising

Offering advertising services on social media platforms. Getting brands to advertise on content platforms like Social media pages, Blog, Podcast, Website etc


Directly translating your content into a product. This approach leverages on community – the community built with your content and leveraging that reach to sell merchandise that is still hinged on the ethos of the brand.

This is part of a presentation Tricia Olufemi-Olumide delivered during a virtual training session organized by 9mobile for journalists.


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