The Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN) has called on the Nigerian government to develop what it called an end-to-end cyber capability that can manage the full spectrum of threat intelligence, security, incident response and mission assurance.

This call by the umbrella body of all cyber security professionals in Nigeria is coming on the heel of the rising national security threats occasioned by extremist movements, banditry and trans-national groups using terrorism as a weapon of mass destruction.

“Nigeria faces traditional and emerging new threats to its national security, which are real, significant and probably enduring. So, as a country, we need an end-to-end cyber capability to be able to contain all the threats and vulnerabilities,” said Igbalajobi Olatunji, Director of Information Security Development at CSEAN.

Mr. Olatunji, who was speaking on the topic “Cyber Security Intelligence as a Tool for Enhancing National Security’, on behalf of CSEAN’s President, Mr. Remi Afon at the just concluded Securex West Africa event in Lagos, also argued that a cyber intelligence process must be put in place by the government. This process, according to him includes collecting information, processing information and analyzing information.

He believes that having a strategic intelligence process will put Nigeria in a position to know it adversaries and what they really want. Apart from this, strategic intelligence will provide actionable intelligence on the incoming attacks, understanding the nature of the attack and identify the capabilities of the threat actors.



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