The research team at Delamere, a private rehab clinic has revealed in a new study the top 10 most addictive video games in the world, noting that though video games can be a fun way to relax after a long day at work or a way to socialise with friends and family, they can also be addictive.

According to the study, Rocket League, an online soccer game received a huge 14.53% of reviews that stated the term ‘addictive’, thanks to its fast-paced action gameplay and replayability value characteristics.

Rocket League was followed closely by Littlewood with 12.50% of reviews mentioning the word ‘addictive’. The game allows you to role-play as a character who is in charge of re-building the town of Solemn.

Role-playing is an element of a game that is often highly addictive, as it allows players to reinvent themselves in the virtual world and achieve tasks that they may otherwise find challenging in real life.

Other games that made the list included Stardew Valley which landed in fourth place with 6.67% of reviews mentioning the word ‘addictive’ and League of Legends in fifth place which received 4.28% of reviews with the word ‘addictive’.

The Top 10 Most Addictive Video Games

  1. Rocket League – 14.53%
  2. Littlewood – 12.50%
  3. Demigod -10.77%
  4. Stardew Valley – 6.67%
  5. League of Legends – 4.28%
  6. Frostpunk – 3.89%
  7. Path of Exile – 3.60%
  8. My Time at Portia -3.33%
  9. Fortnite – 2.59%
  10. Planetside 2 – 2.38%

Commenting on the findings from the study, Martin Preston, Founder and Chief Executive at Delamere said: “Gaming addiction refers to the uncontrollable use of video games that is characterised by compulsive behaviour and can develop after a long period of excessive gaming.

He explained that when a person who enjoys playing video games engages in the activity, the brain’s reward centre releases dopamine chemicals in response to the pleasurable experience and so they will often go back, again and again, to seek out the dopamine release.

“People can often develop an addiction to games like Rocket League because they are designed to be naturally addictive by creators who incorporate small “wins” into the game that keep you coming back for more, including high scores and completing levels,” he added.



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