Nigeria’s unstable power supply can cause foods like fruits and vegetables to go bad in almost no time at all, even when stored in a refrigerator. This, combined with the recent increase in the electricity rate, pushes people towards less natural foods that are stuffed with preservatives in an attempt to have them fresh for consumption. Many people are considering using inverter technology to save energy and keep their food fresh and healthy in more effective ways.

That wish has finally come true thanks to technological advancements and LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor. Food can now be kept fresher for extended periods of time, allowing many people in the city to reconnect with nature while also boosting access to nutritional meals and reducing environmental impact. LG’s whole refrigerator lineup has the innovative Inverter Linear Compressor, demonstrating the company’s commitment to quality and simplicity.

LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor refrigerator is designed to make life in the home more comfortable, convenient, efficient, and better. It features cutting-edge features such as superior energy savings and quiet performance, optimal temperature control for fresher food, and great durability for greater peace of mind.

“With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for quality, LG Electronics has continued to invest in the best of inverter technology to meet the needs of its teeming customers,” said Mr. Brian Kang, General Manager, LG Electronics West Africa’s Home Appliances Division, of the recent improvements in LG’s inverter technology. “A refrigerator’s compressor is crucial for energy efficiency, food freshness, noise levels, and longevity. Due to fewer friction-generating elements and improved design, the Inverter Linear Compressor has an exceptional level of durability. A 10-year warranty is included with every LG inverter linear compressor “Mr. Kang continued.

Designed with LG-patented technology, LG refrigerators provide you with positive results that extend beyond food storage. The compressor, which circulates chilled air and maintains refrigerant pressure, is the heart of a refrigerator. There are four points of friction in a traditional compressor. There is only one point of friction in LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor, which increases overall energy efficiency.

Ultimate Convenience to Your Kitchen

Two LG InstaView Refrigerator models (GR-X31FTMHL & GC-X247CSAV) are rolling out at retail and on

Each features a sleek mirrored glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks, allowing you to see inside the easy access compartment without ever opening the door, reducing cold air loss to help keep food fresher longer.

The LG InstaView Refrigerator is an entertainer’s delight with storage options such as the Extra Space compartment for your small or loose items, a retractable shelf for your taller items and the SpacePlus™ Ice System that is built into the fridge door so you can utilize your whole top shelf.

By creating the highly efficient and energy-saving linear compressor with inverter technology, LG Electronics, as an industry forerunner, has once again demonstrated leadership – its commitment to upgrading its technologies to meet the demands of consumers in diverse markets around the world. This compressor uses a streamlined linear piston drive to power the refrigerator, which is a significant improvement over the Smart Inverter Compressor.

“Energy Consumption Rate” is always important for consumers who purchase refrigerators. LG’s own Inverter Linear Compressor saves more energy by adapting efficiency-engineering mechanism.’’

Because it is constructed up of a cylinder block and piston, the Linear Inverter Compressor has only one point of friction. This reduces vibration and noise while also extending the life of the refrigerator. The Linear Inverter Compressor also saves up to 32% on electricity by automatically regulating the chilling temperature based on the amount of food in the refrigerator.

The LG Door Cooling Inverter+ Refrigerator’s energy-saving capabilities are boosted even more by the Door Cooling feature. The Door Cooling System is an LG-exclusive technology that uses specific back and side vents to circulate cool air throughout the refrigerator, ensuring that every corner, from the shelves to the door, receives balanced cooling.

The Hygiene Fresh+ filter system integrates both to create a refrigerator that keeps food fresh and crisp. The Hygiene Fresh+ focuses on wicking away moisture and aromas released by vegetables, fruits, meats, and cooked food, as well as cleaning the air within the refrigerator of foreign contaminants, using a 05-stage air filtering system.


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