Nexford University, a Washington DC-based next-generation university announces its most recent partnership with PiggyVest, an African-based fintech that helps over three million customers achieve their financial goals by helping them save and invest with ease.

In a statement made available to newsmen in Lagos on Friday, June 24, 2022, Nexford University announced its partnership with PiggyVest as another step in its commitment to providing access to affordable and uninterrupted education.

The scholarship will be initially offered to 40 learners to advance their skills in Business Analytics, Product Management, 360 Degrees Marketing, and Digital Transformation. PiggyVest will cover 100% of tuition fees for a select number of programs.

According to the COO and Co-Founder of PiggyVest, Odunayo Eweniyi, “As a company founded by young Nigerians who had the fortune to meet in university, we’re more than committed to playing a part, however small, in making sure that undergraduates affected by the ongoing strike have an avenue to continue learning. We’re partnering with Nexford University on this initiative because we sincerely believe continuous learning is essential to development. We hope that access to these courses, that build some of the most in-demand skills today, is a start.”

This partnership will further support PiggyVest’s Corporate Social Responsibility plans to equip young people with skills required to land lucrative international opportunities with local and global organizations.

Commenting on this exciting partnership, Dr. Jennifer Bangoura, Nexford’s Director of Career Innovation said, “We are honored to partner with a company like PiggyVest. PiggyVest embodies what it means to be future-focused, innovative and customer-centric – values that are embedded throughout Nexford’s curriculum. With this partnership, students affected by the ongoing ASUU strike would have access to an uninterrupted learning experience from an international organization to build essential skills to remain competitive in an ever-changing job market.”

Nexford is committed to solving the world’s biggest employer challenges – skills – and bridging talent gaps in various sectors globally. Through strategic partnerships with key players in different sectors, the university continues to expand its reach globally, and strengthen its commitment to enable social and economic mobility through high-quality yet affordable American education, 100% online.

Like-minded institutions looking to become part of this Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to ensure continuous learning for all students affected by the ASUU strike, please email to find out how you can become a part of this exciting initiative.


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