Some marketing experts, who today attended a CMO Masterclass, organized by Eskimi, a global Adtech platform have harped on the need for mobile and online marketing, since more than half of Nigeria’s population are using mobile phones and, constantly online.

The experts believe that today’s consumer is more connected than ever, with more access to and deeper engagement with content and brands, due to the proliferation of digital devices and platforms.

Thus, content that was once only available to consumers via specific methods of delivery such as print, radio and broadcast television can now be sourced and delivered to consumers through multiple connected devices.

“The proliferation of digital devices and platforms is driving the media revolution and blurring traditional media definitions. With this in mind, innovation and leveraging new trends like mobile or online advertising will be critical for success,” said Lampe Omoyele, Managing Director of Nitro121 at the event that was well attended by marketing and brands experts. 

He argued that marketing and advertising in a digital world will require skilled marketing teams to innovate, interpret data for insights, engage with customers and communicate the latest marketing trends in order to develop an effective marketing strategy.

Mobile devices will be more potent than ever in the 2020s as more than 60 percent of Nigerians make use of the internet for personal reasons.

On her part, the Business Development Director at Eskimi, Vita Garifulina noted that in Nigeria, with a population of over 200 million and half of the population online, marketing strategy should be based on online advertising, as it has become the strongest means to reach more people.

“A lot of people are using mobile phones. Mobile or online advertising is very important. This is one of the takeaways from today’s CMO Masterclass,” she said.

Vita explained that Eskimi organised the CMO Masgterclass because it has seen the market potential, so it thought it is important to share the data with Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and brands. “The masterclass was just about learning a little bit more about marketing and digital marketing, specifically. So, as a global company, we work differently and we believe in knowledge sharing. We want the local businesses or markets to adopt the new knowledge and the experience basically and we want to localize it to a Nigerian market. And this is why we want to bring some local trends, global trends, and then also like, adapt and help marketing professionals, digital professionals; everyone who is in the space to actually grow and bring the best out of their marketing strategies,” she added.

Also speaking, Oluwatobi Adekunle, Marketing Manager, Eskimi Africa, admitted that digital marketing is the future of marketing as marketing has evolved from traditional marketing to a new era, which involves leveraging digital tools and technology in driving markets and activities.

“As long as technology is evolving; as long as there is an advancement and improvement in technology, there will always be the internet. So, digital marketing is not going to end. It can evolve as a profession; thus, as long as we have new tools, as long as we have people coming up with different technologies, to drive marketing initiatives and activities, digital marketing activities will always remain for digital marketers,” he said.

He argued that Nigeria has enough skilled manpower to drive the changes in the digital marketing space. Sadly, a lot of them are leaving the country to earn dollars.


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