Huawei Technologies yesterday in Lagos inked a partnership with TD Africa to launch a suite of revolutionary digital power solutions targeted at various categories of users in the Nigerian market.

The partnership is coming owing to the perennial public power supply challenge in Nigeria.

Speaking at the event, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), TD Africa, Mrs. Chioma Ekeh noted that Huawei keyed into the challenge and decided to initiate the Digital Power solutions.  Mrs. Ekeh referenced the instability in the global crude oil market which has been worsened by the ongoing war in Ukraine, while also citing environmental concerns and issues with ensuring a steady and affordable supply of crude oil products such as petroleum and diesel, among others in Nigeria, as factors necessitating a shift away from fossil fuels to clean energy.

‘‘The new money will come from digital energy. I encourage our partners to embrace these products which are being unveiled here today as they represent one of the avenues of making new money,’’ she said.

In his presentation, Justin Tinsey, Principal Consultant on Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co., Ltd in Nigeria, disclosed that the launch of the company’s Digital Power Solution in Nigeria is motivated by the desire to drive down energy costs, while also playing its part in establishing a greener future built on sustainable, stable and cost-efficient electricity supply in the country, in line with its long-term vision of global carbon neutrality. While introducing the company’s Digital Power Solution which cuts across Residential, Commercial/Industrial and Utility Scale, Justin recalled that Huawei is currently one of the market leaders in global PV inverter shipments, with its Fusionsolar PV solution proving a popular choice worldwide.

He identified the Huawei Intelligent Power Mate Solution or iSitePower-M as the ideal solution for homes or residential users, delivering reliable 6kVA power round-the-clock in a flexible and compact configuration unit of power and battery. The solution, he revealed, also uses every available energy, including solar, grid and Distributed Generation (D.G), with assured resistance to power grid jumps, high voltage and in-built anti-surge current for high-power loads, along with a five-year warranty.

According to Justin, the iSitePower-M is guaranteed to reduce household energy costs by 50-70%, while equally delivering green, stable and sustainable electricity with robust load capacity. He added that Huawei residential ESS are better known for their latest technology, lithium iron phosphate, user reliability, their aesthetic design which is suitable for homes, 100% depth of discharge, quick commissioning, parallel connection of up to 45kWh, excellent safety and pack level optimization.

Further, he introduced the Huawei iSitePower-S, the commercial and industrial option, as a stable and low-cost power solution ideal for no-grid access areas such as remote villages or islands, primary schools and clinics or border checkpoints and camps. Describing it as a Hybrid Solar Power System Architecture, Justin stated that the solution is simple, reliable and efficient, even as he noted that the solution is enjoying positive reviews from users such as banks and other large apartment owners, due to its utility and other exciting benefits. Furthermore, he stated that Huawei’s Commercial & Industrial (C&I) solar solutions for enterprises contribute to reduced power consumption costs, increase energy yield by 30% with optimizers and provide active safety for solar systems to prevent arc faults that create heat and potentially lead to electrical fires.

On Utility Scale solutions, Justin disclosed that this combines the FusionSolar 6.0 and Utility Smart PV Solution. He affirmed that this option refers to a Full-stack Mini Grid Solar Solution, adding that it is guaranteed to reduce the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) by 15%, while also achieving higher yields, active safety and grid forming.

‘‘The smart ecosystem for energy efficiency is rapidly evolving globally and Huawei’s Digital Power department is at the center of its development. Smart power residential solutions, as evident by our iSite PowerM — to large-scale commercial and industrial as well as utility-scale solutions – as evident by Huawei’s iSitePower-S and Fusion Solar solutions – are leading the smart ecosystem revolution,’’ Justin stated.

Also justifying the relevance of the Huawei Digital Power Solution, Victor Koyier, Key Account Manager, Renewable Energy for Huawei Technologies in Nigeria, disclosed that renewable energy is set to become the major global energy source by 2050, while adding that there has been an observed rise in interest for solar power solutions in Africa and Nigeria, in particular. He identified other digital power solutions within the Huawei bouquet including its UPS which has a wide range of applications for various categories of users; while also introducing the SmartLi, Huawei’s revolutionary small smart lithium battery.

Earlier, Niyi Onabanjo, Head, Corporates/DMFI Sales at TD Africa, restated the company’s dominant position in the technology distribution ecosystem in the sub-region as the key driver of the trade revolution across Africa and with a growing partner database of over 2000 resellers. He added that TD Africa is in a strong position to take Huawei’s Digital Power Solution to the nooks and crannies of the market as part of its mission of making products and services accessible, affordable and usable across Africa through its efficient distribution network.

The event witnessed the attendance of several channel partners drawn from TD Africa’s extensive database, as well as key officials from both Huawei and TD Africa.


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