A global leader in omnichannel communication, Infobip last week in Lagos, South-West Nigeria, during its Comms API Meetup engaged developers, especially startups about the company’s Application Programming Interface (API).

At the Meetup held at the Landmark Centre, Infobip introduced its products, services and its Developer Experience Department.

Welcoming the developers to the Meetup, Olatayo Ladipo-Ajai, Regional Manager, Infobip West Africa, noted that Infobip decided to host the Meetup owing to the large developer community that exists in Nigeria, especially Lagos.

He explained that a lot of startups want to hit the ground running, but since they cannot develop from scratch when it comes to things around customer engagement, customer experience in terms of API’s SMS voice, API’s for WhatsApp engagement, API’s for contact center solutions, they rely on Infobip’s API to be able to gain traction quickly.

“As an Omni-channels communication provider, we are developing capacity around chatbots, chat apps and all sorts of engagement platforms for our customers. The good thing about the solution we provide is that it gives you a single dashboard, where you can orchestrate all the requirements that you want to put your customers in one space and ultimately, gives you that ability to control everything by yourself,” he told journalists on the sideline of the Meetup.

Meanwhile, making a keynote presentation, Ekene Eze, Director of Developer Experience at Plasmic who shared some of his vast dev experiences, advised young Nigerians to begin to develop an interest in dev advocacy jobs, noting that it is one of the best paying jobs across the world presently.

Highlighting some of the skills required of a dev advocate including technical proficiency, networking, teaching, media presence, credibility, public speaking, and community management skills, Ekene described a dev advocate as the interface between the company and developer community.

He also noted that the possible career opportunities for dev advocates are developer advocate, community manager, devex engineer, content creator and technical writer. He argued that these opportunities are highly sorted after globally.

About Infobip API

While Infobip API is free to explore for everyone, developers will need an Infobip account to use it. After the quick sign-up process, they will get an API key and Base URL which is all they need to start using any API. During the trial period, the developers will have some limitations depending on the product they choose.


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