TechQuest STEM Academy has appointed a new Member of the Advisory Board of Directors, Odiong Akpan.

Odiong leads and manages Caspania – a digital business advisory firm focused on helping individuals, startup founders and business managers make great leadership decisions in the digital revolution era.  He has over eighteen years of combined experience in the digital technology and petroleum industries. Today, he is on a mission to help Africans increase their understanding of digital transformation and to inspire them to make the world a better place using Digital for Development and Innovation.

TechQuest STEM Academy LTD/GTE is a nonprofit organization that develops talent and is intentional about bridging the digital divide in Africa through digital upskilling, training and providing tools and resources to build capacities and support young people, entrepreneurs, organisations and communities. TechQuest has positively impacted over 37,000 people and intends to reach more people and communities

The TechQuest team is happy to have Odiong Akpan on board and looks forward to creating more impact and supporting the growth in the technology and innovation ecosystem.


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