Touted as the continent’s largest tech gathering, Spark Africa is set to host the Africa Technology Expo, a gathering of tech enthusiasts and stakeholders with the aim of promoting indigenous African talents and innovations in Abuja-Nigeria.

The Chief Executive Officer of Spark Africa, Nnaemeka Clinton, disclosed this during a press briefing.

According to him; “Nigeria has over 30 Million People with viable ideas, about 10,000 startups and over 200 of these startups are fintech. But most tech events in Africa and Nigeria specifically do not solve the issue of helping those unique talents by translating tech ideas into viable startups.

He stated that the Africa Technology Expo is not an avenue for motivation and encouraging networking amongst African talents alone, but will be an avenue for “working the talk”, adding that this year’s debut edition is aimed at converting over 2000 ideas into real startups and businesses.

With over 4000 people participating, Spark aims to have about 1500 – 2000 of all participants go through the Startup Aisle where the NITDA- CAC- NIRA & other exhibiting hosting companies and website startups will facilitate all that is needed to register a company and then at the last end of the aisle, the banks.

Over 1000-1500 startups will get their company accounts registered with the banks and as well utilize them as their holding bank.

There will also be a huge avenue for product and company showcase via booths and stands, including award recognition at the event whilst prioritizing local content and helping to drive investments, both local and international to our budding talents.

“The Africa Technology Expo is unique and the first of its kind…. An innovation that truly deserves every accolade, partnership, and spotlight it gets” – The Microsoft Africa Azure Head said in a launch briefing.

With all of these and more, we are achieving and promoting non-oil exports, intercontinental free trade amongst African countries and the “Come with an idea and leave with a business initiative”, one that is pivotal in creating a nurturing ecosystem and enacting the recent Nigerian Startup Act.

We are enthusiastic about the success of the expo held on the 28th of January at the renowned International Conference Centre, Abuja, and we hereby call for the participation of all tech entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, as well as the partnership of all relevant stakeholders from the private and public sectors to join us as we create such an ecosystem that empowers indigenous innovation and talents”.


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