Interswitch has been named the Best Employer Brand – Sub-Saharan Africa at the LinkedIn Talent Awards, which was held at the Microsoft offices in Johannesburg, South Africa on Thursday, March 2, 2023.

The LinkedIn Talent Awards was given to Interswitch based on its efforts at leading the future of work through innovation, creating inclusive workplaces, building strong employer brands and actively engaging talent communities on platforms like LinkedIn.

According to the organizer of the award, Interswitch was adjudged to have met all the criteria and emerged as the winner of the award for its outstanding efforts to attract and retain top talent, as well as its commitment to creating a positive work culture and supporting employees’ professional development.

Commenting on the award, Franklin Ali, Chief Human Resources Officer, Interswitch Nigeria, said the company is delighted to be recognized for its talent management efforts and remains committed to sustaining a positive work environment that promotes innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

He said “We are thrilled to be named the Best Employer Brand in Sub-Saharan Africa by LinkedIn. It is fulfilling to be able to do what we do every day here at Interswitch; for and with our employees, customers, partners and indeed our thriving community of almost 300,000 individuals on LinkedIn.  We have been empowered to showcase our brand, culture, and ethos to the wider world outside Interswitch, as part of our quest to keep inspiring Africa to greatness.


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