In a bid to measure, monitor and manage all IT equipment and supporting infrastructure housed within its facilities, Africa Data Centres (ADC) has decided to partner TechAccess in deploying Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions in all its facility.

The DCIM solution will help Africa Data Centres and its partners to gain critical insights into their operations at the click of a button.

“Africa Data Centres, a business of Cassava Technologies a pan-African technology group, is pleased to announce it has partnered with TechAccess, to implement a Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution,” it said in a statement.

As the solutions integrator for the project, TechAccess is responsible for the software, hardware, integrations, project management, professional services and other project deliverables that make up the DCIM platform.

These will come from two vendors. First is data centre optimisation software from EkkoSense and next is an asset management platform from Assetspire. The solution will be deployed in Africa Data Centres’ two sites in Johannesburg, and its facilities in Cape Town, Nairobi and Lagos.

Commenting on the partnership, Tesh Durvasula, CEO of Africa Data Centres, explained that the goal of this DCIM implementation is to provide Africa Data Centres site administrators with a holistic view of each facility’s performance to ensure that all resources, such as energy, equipment and floor space, are used as efficiently as possible.

“This will assist Africa Data Centres and its partners to gain critical insights into their operations, with direct and instant access to real-time data at the click of a button. When combined with analytics, these insights will enable our customers to realise a wide range of savings in terms of time, money and increased productivity,” he adds.


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