The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) has granted The Newmark Group, a Pan African Public Relations and Communications agency, full membership in order to improve its capabilities to serve customers globally.

The announcement was made in a press release on March 22, 2023, during a ceremony in London.

The Newmark Group joins the network, boosting the number of member agencies to 54 and strengthening PRGN’s activities in five Sub-Saharan African countries.

According to Gilbert Manirakiza, Founder and CEO, The Newmark Group’s ideas and expertise in strategy design and execution, stakeholder mapping, thought leadership, media training, and content production, make it a formidable client partner.

“From Newmark’s inception in 2010, our profound objective has been to contribute to creating a world that promotes inclusive prosperity for everyone.” This is a world where people and communities are liberated to realise their full potential and pursue their ambitions. “Joining PRGN increases our capacity to achieve this because it allows us to go even farther in connecting, enabling, and activating businesses to become a force for good, not only in Africa but internationally,” Gilbert Manirakiza said.

The Newmark Group, founded in 2010, is a Pan-African communications and brand positioning agency that uses the power of brand trust to help companies and organisations flourish. The Newmark team develops communication strategies that enable customers to engage their stakeholder ecosystems while growing as leaders in their fields, with a presence across the African continent. Over the last 10 years, the company has built a local agency group that regularly produces mission-critical insights, strategies, narratives, and execution.

According to David Fuscus, president of PRGN, “The Group is one of Africa’s fastest-growing independent brand and communications consultants located in Nairobi, Kenya, with a professional presence in Nigeria and 30 other African nations.” He noted that the awarding of full membership “signals the growth of PRGN into critical African markets, with the potential to reach over 1.4 billion people”.

With roughly 800 experts in more than 70 locations, PRGN is one of the world’s biggest multinational networks of independent public relations and communications companies.

Members are independent, local, owner-operated public relations and marketing communications organisations that share experience and resources while offering customers globally with broad-based comprehensive communications strategy.


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