Infobip has partnered with digital transformation specialists, Hagens to help construction company HM Engenharia provide a better customer experience, reduce costs, and boost sales by digitizing its business model.

Announcing this in a statement, Infobip said the partnership with Hagens has enabled HM Engenharia to increase its customer lead conversion by 4.2 times, allowing the firm to reach its 12-month sales target in just nine months. Moreover, HM Engenharia can now better identify a prospect’s buyer persona. This has enabled the construction firm to reduce sales costs by 51% and decrease negotiation time from 36 days down to just seven.

“Through our partnership with Hagens, we were able to help HM Engenharia embed agility and personalization in the customer journey and create more meaningful relationships with its customers. From enhancing and automating its customer service to end-to-end customer journey transformation, we have the capabilities and scale to help at every stage. We provide a one-stop shop for no-code access to global omnichannel communications and digital interactions, removing the need for multiple platforms or pieces of software. That is why we are the one cloud communications platform for every platform, as this project with Hagens and HM Engenharia demonstrates,” said Vivian Jones, Vice-President of Infobip for Latin America.

Also commenting on the partnership, Leo Del Castillo, partner and co-founder of Hagens, said: “Through our partnership with Infobip, we were able to digitize HM Engenharia’s business. Now HM Engenharia’s customers and prospects can get the information they need when they need it and on the channel they prefer. Moreover, through our digital transformation, HM Engenharia can better understand its customers and prospects, provide a more convenient and personal experience, and improve business performance by reducing costs and time to sales while boosting conversions. In addition to digitizing HM Engenharia’s business model, we built a new ecosystem, encompassing the company, its homeowners, and the wider community, helping create loyalty for all. We saw this opportunity given the relationship between a home buyer and the construction company often lasts at least ten years, if not longer.”

Established more than 40 years ago, HM Engenharia has built more than 100,000 houses throughout Brazil. However, the firm wanted to embed digital transformation throughout its business to better serve its customers while enhancing performance. HM Engenharia asked Hagens to help it reposition the firm, digitize its business model and ultimately boost customer loyalty.

Hagens began by repositioning HM Engenharia from a business that designs and builds homes to an admired brand that stands by its customer’s side for home building. Next, Hagens drew on Infobip’s global cloud communications platform to improve and personalize the journey for HM Engenharia’s customers. The firm embedded omnichannel communications platforms alongside improving customer understanding and bringing a new level of automation, speed and availability to HM Engenharia’s customer service.

Through its partnership with Infobip, Hagens deployed several Infobip solutions like Answers (Infobip’s chatbot solution, alongside integrating WhatsApp), Moments (Infobip customer engagement hub) and People (the Customer Data Platform) to connect all touchpoints to unlock a complete picture of HM Engenharia’s customers and prospects and personalize their experience.

By doing this, HM Engenharia’s improved the customer journey, making it more convenient and seamless. HM Engenharia provided additional customer support services to support the homebuyer’s entire purchase journey, improving customer loyalty and boosting its revenue.

In addition, Hagens built HM Engenharia a new platform for its homeowners to better connect them to the services they might need, creating a community and unlocking new and additional revenue streams. The platform now has more than 30,000 users, and Hagens and HM Engenharia aim to increase this to more than 100,000 in the next four years.


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