Konga Travels and Tours said it is targeting over 20 million Nigerians by announcing the launch of a flexible installment payment scheme for prospective travelers, through which the company intends to expand access to affordable travel deals.

Tagged Pay As You Earn, the scheme allows customers to hold down and enjoy cheaper travel deals by making a minimum of 20% down payment on the travel cost and paying the balance in convenient installments.

‘‘We are delighted to offer our customers this excellent and long-awaited product. Through Pay As You Earn, we have identified a fitting avenue through which we can expand access to convenient and affordable flight deals for millions of Nigerians who otherwise would have to come up with huge sums of money to actualise their travel plans,’’ Executive Director, Konga Group, Okezie Akaniro disclosed in a statement.

Akaniro disclosed in the statement that in addition to helping prospective flyers plan better and effortlessly achieve their travel ambitions by spreading their payment conveniently over a period, Pay As You Earn also helps customers save more money.

‘‘By choosing Pay As You Earn, for instance, a customer can save as much as 150% by taking advantage of our early bird fares for several destinations. This is a premium value addition for would-be travelers looking to firm up their summer plans, festive season travel or other vacation ideas.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity of taking advantage of other allied services which Konga Travels offers such as visa and passport processing, hotel reservations, tour packages, logistics and travel advice and much more,’’ he concluded.

The exciting initiative will see Konga Travels, a foremost omnichannel travel agency in Africa based in Lagos, Nigeria, take a significant step towards achieving its long-held ambition of reducing the cost burden associated with lump sum payments for flights, while also significantly improving unmitigated access to a growing suite of travel and tourism related opportunities for millions of Nigerians.

By electing to pay a minimum of 20% down payment on a chosen flight ticket, Nigerians from all walks of life can now afford to plan and enjoy the privilege of traveling to their dream destinations and other exotic locations around the world via Pay As You Earn. Once the initial 20% advance payment is confirmed, the ticket is issued by Konga Travels and the customer is offered a chance to select a preferred monthly payment plan.  With outstanding installments expected to be paid in full at least seven days before the flight date, the customer receives periodic reminders from Konga Travels with respect to the due date for the installment payments, thereby ensuring convenient and stress-free liquidation. As soon as the payment is completed, the ticket and other travel itinerary details are sent to the customer.

Pay As You Earn is available for all classes of potential travelers including salary earners, business owners, traders and other categories of travel audiences. Interested customers looking to take advantage of the scheme for their upcoming travel plans are advised to email travel@konga.com or call 08094605555. Enquiries can also be channeled via WhatsApp on 08112114488.

Incorporated in July 2018, Konga Travels is an IATA Licensed Travel Agent, with a history of excellence and desire to raise the bar in the travel and tourism industry. Having emerged on the scene barely four years ago, Konga Travels – which was named the Most Innovative Agency by global airline, Virgin Atlantic, as well as Travel Agency of the Year at the 2020 Beacon of ICT (BoICT) Awards – has distinguished itself in the competitive space, having acquired all the requisite and major travel certifications and with a growing list of key partnerships to its name.


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