QNET, a global e-commerce-based direct-selling company, has emphasized the need to address health disparities worldwide by leveraging supplements.

The company which specialises in developing a diverse array of wellness and health products to enhance individuals’ well-being worldwide explained that with this year’s World Health Day theme, “Health for All,” there is a need for universal health coverage.

QNET posited that economic, social, and environmental inequities can create health disparities, in which certain portions of society have fewer opportunities to achieve optimal health. “This is particularly true in developing countries like Nigeria, with limited healthcare resources, where many people struggle to access healthy levels of essential vitamins and nutrients,” the company said.

According to Mr. Biram Fall, Regional General Manager for QNET Sub-Saharan Africa,  the company’s range of high-quality nutrition and supplement products promotes good health and wellness for all. “QNET continues to contribute to World Health Day by leveraging its expertise in nutrition and wellness to create accessible and high-quality products that can benefit people from all walks of life.”

QNET has developed its supplements to address many common and emerging health concerns, such as diabetes and immune system deficiencies. An increasing number of countries have noted rising mortality rates due to cardiovascular disease.  QNET’s Ole health supplement utilises fresh olive leaf extract, which has been proven to benefit cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure, promoting normal heart function, and improving blood circulation.

Strong immune systems are vital to a healthy community as the world combats new diseases and threats like COVID-19. QNET’s EDG3 Plus offers a convenient and cost-effective way to obtain essential immune-boosting vitamins and essential amino acids/nutrients that may be difficult to get through diet alone, especially in areas where buying fresh produce can be costly or inaccessible.

QNET’s strategy for reducing health disparities combines its effective, scientifically proven formulas with its innovative business model to provide everyone with quality health and wellness products.   “Our goal moving forward is to create accessible, approachable, and holistic nutrition products that meet the needs of our customers while incorporating innovative formulas that go beyond other products in the market.”  ” To this end, we are proud to partner with world-class laboratories, researchers, and manufacturers to ensure our consumer products are effective, beneficial, and made with the highest standards,” Fall added.

“While striving to offer quality nutrition products to enhance overall health, we also prioritise ensuring that essential vitamins and nutrients are accessible to individuals worldwide through our business,” Fall says.

QNET marked its entrance into the Nigerian market with the certification of its products by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control in Nigeria (NAFDAC).

Recently, QNET’s supplement EDGE, personal care products, Prospark toothpaste, Physioradiance face serum and Physioradiance eye socket serum have been certified by NAFDAC. NAFDAC, a federal government agency entrusted with the regulation and oversight of various regulated products such as food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, bottled water, chemicals, and detergents, ensures that QNET’s products meet the requisite standards for importation, exportation, manufacture, advertisement, distribution, sale, and use in Nigeria.

According to M. Ajisafé, CEO of Transblue Nigeria, Limited who led the certification process for QNET, “NAFDAC certification confirms the quality of QNET products, which are designed to meet the specific health needs of individuals in Nigeria and across the globe.”


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