The newly elected President of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), Mr. Adesola Akinsanya in his first official speech as the President has recognized what he sees as priorities that will bring success to the domain name registry.

He said having been part of the NiRA Executive Board of Directors, he believes in the importance of a winning formula that will lay the foundation for the success of NiRA. Such a formula according to him comprises of people, processes, performance and accountability.

“I recognize that people are the foundation of any successful organization. It is imperative that we continually attract and retain the right individuals who share our vision and values. With the right people in place, we can build a strong and dynamic team that will drive NiRA forward. I am dedicated to ensuring that we have the most talented and motivated individuals who will propel us toward our goals,” he said.

Equally important is the development of efficient and effective processes, which he said will optimize operations, enhance productivity and achieve NiRA’s organizational goals. “These processes will serve as the catalyst that propels both our people and NiRA towards success. I am committed to implementing and refining processes that align with our strategic objectives and promote continuous improvement,” he explained.

In setting high-performance expectations, he said he will all staff to reach new heights. “As the President, I will demand excellence from our team by leading as an example and providing the necessary support to help them meet and exceed these expectations. We will celebrate our achievements and recognize the contributions of our members who consistently deliver outstanding results. At the same time, we must hold ourselves accountable for our performance. By clearly defining expectations and acknowledging both the positive and negative consequences, we create a culture of responsibility and drive a culture of excellence”.

Other key areas he wants to prioritise include the improvement of the Registrar-Registry relationship, stressing that such a relationship can create a win-win situation for both parties. “Through enhanced collaboration, open communication, and better incentives for Registrars, we will foster a stronger bond that leads to the growth and prosperity of NiRA as a whole”.

Secondly, NiRA will expand its outreach by engaging with local and international industry players. “It is essential that we actively collaborate with ecosystem partners, industry experts, and government and regulatory bodies. By forging strong alliances and fostering meaningful relationships, we can facilitate policy development and promote the wider adoption of the .ng domains. Together, we will raise the profile of NiRA and solidify our position as a leading player in the digital landscape”.

Also, capacity building is of utmost importance. “I recognize the significance of empowering our members, non-members, and Registrars with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving domain industry. To that end, I will fully leverage the NiRA Academy and the Ndukwe Kalu Foundation, our Special Purpose Vehicles, to provide comprehensive training and development opportunities,” he assured.


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