In commemoration of International Children’s Day, Huawei has decided to join hands with 9mobile to organize a captivating ballet performance for children from the Leap of Dance Academy at the Terra Kulture center in Lagos.

The performance was live-streamed on various social media platforms, garnering significant attention. The event was organized to empower children to express themselves and pursue their dreams.

Leap of Dance Academy, a non-profit ballet organization established in 2017 in Lagos, aims to provide ballet dance education to underprivileged children in Nigeria who lack access to such opportunities.

Mr. Juergen Peschel, CEO of 9mobile, said, “This has been an amazing experience that has touched my heart. Witnessing the talented Nigerian youth put effort into performing in a ballet show is truly inspiring.

Ballet is not a common form of expression in Nigeria or Africa, but we feel this is an opportunity to encourage people to bring their dreams and aspirations to life. 9mobile, along with our partner Huawei, is dedicated to promoting youth development through the application of technology. This is just one of the steps we are taking to support the communities across Nigeria and contribute to youth development.”

Allen, a director of the 9mobile account at Huawei, explained the company’s involvement in the show after their encounter with Daniel Ajala, the founder of the Academy. Daniel grew up in a small village in Lagos and had a passion for ballet from a young age. He learned ballet through internet videos and eventually established Leap of Dance Academy, where he teaches ballet to students free of charge.

Impressed by Daniel’s story and the dedication of Leap of Dance, Huawei filmed their journey last year and shared it on their social media accounts. The video received an overwhelming response, with nearly 1.29 billion views and 11,000 comments. This year, Huawei organized the ballet performance to further support the realization of their dreams.

Allen emphasizes Huawei’s commitment to fulfilling the aspirations of young individuals. “We will do our best to provide the latest products and solutions to empower these young talents.”

Daniel Ajala, the founder of Leap Dance Academy, expressed his delight during the show held at Terra Kulture as the children’s dreams were being realized. He shared his journey, stating that he never imagined having a stage to perform on or a platform to showcase their talents. Daniel acknowledged the role of the internet and connectivity in making this dance performance possible.

Daniel extended his gratitude to Huawei and 9mobile, stating, “I appreciate Huawei and 9mobile for making this opportunity and the dreams of these children come true. It is no longer just about dreaming; their dreams are becoming a reality.”

The ballet performance which was broadcast on Huawei and 9mobile’s social media platforms, serves as a shining example of how technology can amplify the voices and dreams of children, igniting their creativity and fueling their determination. It served as a heartfelt gift to children on International Children’s Day.


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