QNET, a global lifestyle and wellness-focused direct-selling company is taking decisive action to protect customers and uphold the integrity of its business by working with authorities to quash scammers misrepresenting the QNET brand in Nigeria.

Three reports against QNET under fraud allegations were filed on November 1, 2022, May 4 2023, and May 19 2023, respectively. QNET has engaged a legal team to address the items in the reports and is fully cooperating with the Office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) in the investigations of the allegations of fraud and money scams.

Biram Fall, Regional Manager for QNET Sub-Saharan Africa, says, “We take allegations of illegal or fraudulent activity very seriously and will take strong action against anyone found to be misrepresenting QNET. We are actively working with local law enforcement agencies and government bodies to ensure the company is not misrepresented by parties intending to deceive using the QNET brand. On the three reports filed against QNET, we have transferred all documents required to prosecute the case and are in touch with authorities to combat negative allegations against the business.”  

Fall reiterates that QNET holds its employees and distributors to the highest ethical standards and implements strict policies and procedures to protect customers from unlawful, fraudulent, or unprofessional behaviour. “QNET is not an employment agency, nor will we make offers of “guaranteed income” or “travel opportunities” in exchange for money. As a direct selling company, QNET provides a safe, legitimate business model where distributors earn an income only by selling our high-quality, life-enhancing products. If you are approached by someone claiming to be from QNET and promising employment or travel opportunities in exchange for payment or administrative charges, please exercise caution and contact the relevant authorities or QNET’s Network Integrity team immediately,” Fall adds.

Through collaboration with stakeholders, the company actively works towards raising awareness and educating the public about identifying scams. Notably, QNET launched a highly successful anti-scam education campaign called “Mama Campaign” last year. This comprehensive initiative utilised various media channels such as radio, television, social media, print media, and billboards to effectively communicate QNET’s business model and emphasise the warning signs associated with fraudulent activities. Recognised as the Grand Winner at the prestigious NYX Video Awards 2022, the campaign garnered praise for its creative delivery of concise information, making a significant educational impact on the public. QNET remains steadfast in its commitment to combat misrepresentation and empowers individuals with the knowledge needed to distinguish legitimate opportunities from scams.

Akeem Ajisafe, Managing Director and CEO of Transblue Limited says: “Since our partnership with QNET began in 2022, we have made it our aim to show Nigerians that it is an accredited direct-selling company of heritage with a global footprint. Its superb product and service portfolios allow entrepreneurs to create their businesses by becoming a distributor or an Independent Representative, which requires a nominal fee. It is an entrepreneurial opportunity accordingly, and not a job offer.”


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