The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) is seeking collaboration from both local and international companies in local production and domestication of Lithium batteries among other renewable energy solutions in Nigeria.

Speaking with a business delegation from LEMI Technology Shenzhen, China at NASENI headquarters, the Executive Vice Chairman of NASENI, Dr, Bashir Gwandu disclosed that the Agency was ready to partner with international companies that are willing to set up their industries in Nigeria and start local production of renewable energy solutions, electric vehicles parts and other capital goods.

He noted that the essence of seeking such collaboration is to create jobs and reduce Nigeria’s dependence on foreign goods that exert pressure on the country’s foreign exchange.

“NASENI is already doing a lot in the area of Solar Panel Production,” he said.

According to him, NASENI will attract solar cell manufacturing to improve synergy with its existing work on solar panel assembly, stating that the Agency has held meetings with other companies from around the world with a view to seeking partnerships on local production of lithium-based end-products in Nigeria as against the normal practice of foreign companies exporting the raw materials outside the country for processing.

“Taking some of the visions of NASENI forward, which is the domestication of technologies, capital goods production and commercialization in Nigeria, NASENI would help bridge the technological gaps between Nigeria and other countries, help stop the importation of these technologies and encourage local production,” he assured.

He also said NASENI will be working with the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) to encourage the development and production of electric vehicles and even conversion of existing vehicles to electric vehicles as against producing from scratch. In that same regard, NASENI is also in discussion with various stakeholders on the promotion of the installation of electric vehicle charging stations on major roads across the country.

“So, we are inviting friends of Nigeria to come here and establish here. We are encouraging those who can come and produce locally. We will give them support and ensure that the investment environment is encouraging,” he said.

The NASENI EVC hoped that this call is an opportunity to partners who want to produce in Nigeria to do so. The Federal Government, he disclosed, “would welcome any company who gets to us first”, adding that on the production of Lithium batteries, the Agency was ready to go into partnership with companies that are willing to establish their factories in Nigeria.

In a reaction, the founder of LEMI Technology, Ms. Joyce Chen said the company is ready to partner with NASENI and invest in the country, promising that they look forward to a rewarding relationship with NASENI and the Nigerian government. Other members of the delegation include the Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Rocky Hu; Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Biju Yao; Oversea Business Director, Ms. Monica Liang and Engineer Mr. Lucia Peng.

Giving details of the visit, the Chief Executive Officer of LEMI Technology Mr. Xie Feng expressed his company’s willingness to partner with NASENI through MoU on renewable energy with particular reference to products like solar and television panels, inverters and battery production.

He said Nigeria and China have a brotherhood that spans many years, adding that Nigeria with its teeming population, it is critical for investment opportunities. Mr. Feng added that LEMI Technology has been operating in the Nigerian market since 2018 and had provided job opportunities to Nigerians and have sold renewable energy products to over 200,000 Nigerian households.


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