The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) has disclosed nine firms in Nigeria are presently under investigation for data breaches and appropriate fines and punishment would be meted out to them if found guilty.

The National Commissioner of the commission, Dr. Vincent Olatunji, disclosed during a capacity-building session for members of the Nigeria Information Technology Reporter Association (NITRA), an umbrella body of Journalists covering Information and Communications Technology in Lagos yesterday.

According to him, the firms include an insurance firm, a school and a consulting firm.

“We know that the task of securing the data of Nigerians is huge, but the new Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023 has empowered us to do the needful. Presently, we are investigating about nine firms from various industries for data breaches,” he said.

Speaking on the independence of the Nigeria Data Protection Commission, Dr. Vincent stated that section seven of our Act that set up the commission has empowered it to be independent. Thus, the Commission has carried out its duty without taking permission from anybody.

“We have fined three major banks, and they will pay their fines. We are currently investigating about nine major organisations, an insurance firm, a school, and a consulting firm. We have no need running to anybody before doing our work,” he said.

Also, the National Commissioner has tasked Nigerians, especially the youths to acquired skills in data protection, assuring that the Commission has the capacity to create about 500,000 direct and indirect jobs and create additional income for the citizen.

The task of securing the data of Nigerians is huge.

In February, Olatunji announced that the commission, which was still a bureau at the time, was investigating over 110 companies in Nigeria over allegations of data breach. At the time, the companies included banks, telecommunications firms, gaming companies, and online lending companies.


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