The Accra Institute of Technology (AIT), Ghana based independent technology-focused University has adduced reasons why it is targeting students from Nigeria more than any other country in Africa.

The Founder and President of AIT, Prof. Clement Dzidonu, while speaking with Journalists during a breakfast meeting in Lagos yesterday, said students from Nigeria have aspirations of setting up enterprises immediately after they graduate from the university based on the knowledge gained.

He said this is unlike in Ghana, where the students aimed to be employed by already established companies.

“Nigerian students are always more enterprising than Ghanaian students. While still in school, they are already thinking of how to set up their own companies that will ultimately employ people. But that is not the case with most students from Ghana, whose mindset is to get employed,” he said.

According to him, this mindset from the Nigerian student has inspired the University, which is modeled on internationally recognized institutes of technologies like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA which is consistently ranked as the top technological university in the world to absolved entrepreneurship as part of its curriculum.

He said the University trains students with skills that make them set up enterprises. “We have a business development center in Accra Institute of Technology, especially for final year students, where we prepare them to be companies’ owners,” he disclosed.

He explained this idea has become important owing to the fact that there are no jobs for those looking for jobs after graduating from school. Rather, the University should kit students with relevant skills to be self-employ.

The AIT advantages

  • AIT has modern technologies deployed to run all programmes online without students necessarily going to Ghana.
  • Students can remain in Nigeria and still school in AIT Ghana
  • The International Support Unit of AIT ensures pick-up from the Airport or bus terminal, easy accommodation, residence permit for all students, provides information to all parents and guardians, protects the interest of students at all times and finds job attachments and opportunities for international students.
  • Pursuing Multiple Degrees Concurrently is Possible at AIT as the University offers a flexible academic schedule and workload that will enable a student to combine work on more than one-degree program at the same time.

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