Joshua Agboola, a 13-year-old Nigerian has explained how he was able to scale all the hurdles to emerge the youngest certified Amazon Web Services developer associate in Africa.

He said he was motivated by his father to prepare for the test by studying for about two to five hours daily for some six weeks.

“My father played a key role in achieving this feat, which is considered to be the world’s youngest developer associate,” he said

Master Agboola achieved the feat after a grueling two-hour examination that tested his skills and knowledge in deploying, troubleshooting and development on the AWS cloud platform.

He said he was inspired to achieve the feat because of his outstanding performance in his AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination earlier in the year and encouragement by his father to sit the next level of certification.

Master Agboola said though he had developed an interest in DevOps, the popular progression was to go for the Solutions Architect Associate certification.

“I was initially preparing for the Solutions Architect Associate certification which is the next certification most people take in their AWS cloud journey, but had a change of mind for a tougher developer associate certification due to encouragement from an older friend programmer,” said the child. The light bulb went up in my head, and I began studying the next day.”

‘’The possibility of clinching the title of the youngest developer associate in the world, which is an equivalent of a world record in the cloud space, also became a strong motivation for me,” he added.

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