In its strategic mission of enhancing people’s lives and contributing to improved health outcomes, QNET, an e-commerce-based direct-selling company, decided to showcase its amazing health, wellness, and lifestyle products during its expo in Abuja 2-day ago.

The showcasing of its products coincides with its 25th-anniversary celebration with a captivating display of QNET’s journey over the past 25 years, showcasing the company’s growth, success stories and contributions to the communities it serves.

Speaking on the success journey so far, Biram Fall, QNET Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Manager, expressed his joy at the achievement and the opportunity to offer their product line in Nigeria.

He said:  “Our 25th-anniversary celebration holds special significance for us. It demonstrates the trust and support we have received from millions of delighted consumers worldwide. We are excited to provide our amazing health, wellness, and lifestyle products, which we hope will enhance people’s lives and contribute to improved health outcomes.”

He noted QNET has always been dedicated to empowering individuals to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives, stressing that the company is here to create great opportunities for Nigerian youths, for them to transform their lives and help other people around them .”

The expo was organized in collaboration with QNET’s esteemed partner, Transblue, and drew a crowd of interested consumers and distributors at the Abuja International Conference Center from July 29th – 30th.

Meanwhile, sharing his excitement about the collaboration and its potential for the future, Akeem Ajisafe, the Managing Director and CEO of Transblue Company Limited remarked that Transblue have always been dedicated to improving people’s lives through its services.

“Our partnership with QNET, a renowned name in the industry, aligns perfectly with our vision of creating equitable access. Together, we look forward to providing an interactive and engaging platform for stakeholders and regulatory authorities to gain valuable insights into QNET’s diverse range of products and business models,” he said.

The company’s products range from health supplements to lifestyle and fashion accessories, encompassing QNET’s commitment to providing holistic solutions for a well-rounded lifestyle. Visitors at the expo had the opportunity to experience the products firsthand and interact with company representatives to learn more about their benefits and usage.

In line with its strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, and youth empowerment, QNET has announced several initiatives aimed at giving back to the Nigerian community. As part of its anniversary celebrations, the company has pledged to support local initiatives and charities focusing on financial education, health, and sustainable development.

With the successful exhibition of wellness and lifestyle products in Nigeria, QNET continues to strengthen its position as a leader in the direct selling industry. The partnership with Transblue further reinforces the company’s commitment to delivering quality products and empowering individuals to lead healthier and more prosperous lives, while denouncing the activities of individuals who pose as the company’s representative to defraud people.


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