With technology and innovations permeating all sectors of life and redefining governance and development, Digivation Future Summit 2023 is set to probe the place of Africa in the unfolding global space that is defined by technology, business and innovation.  

These were the words of Dr. Bayero Agabi, President of Digivation Global Network, owners of DFS.  

In a press conference held in Lagos, Dr. Bayero said Africa must have a loud voice in the global economy now influenced by technology innovations from Cyber security to big data, artificial Intelligence and robotics. 

The summit scheduled to hold on the 11th of August 2023 at the prestigious Providence Hotel in Ikeja-Lagos will also have a session on the 10th virtually. The two-day event will parade Africa’s best and most well-equipped speakers from across many sectors.  

The Event aims to bring together thought leaders with digital minds, political leaders, Businesses, Innovators, regulators, content creators and drivers of the new economy. 

Digivation Future Summit (DFS) is West Africa’s most influential business, governance and technology event where new road maps are discussed, pathways chatted to mend the challenges within Nigeria and the outside world. the theme of this year’s is “Enabling Today’s Enterprise, Building Tomorrow’s Economy” 
It is anchored on three major areas; Governance, Innovation and People.  

It is a platform to articulate issues about the convergence of technologies impacting economies of today and creating new economies requiring new skills, knowledge and mind towards building a sustainable future driven by technology and digitally enabled people. 

The digital Content Assembly of DFS is the leading platform for the broadcast, production, content delivery, digital media and satellite sectors, from social media impact to broadcasting, misinformation, social media for the voiceless, monetization and its economy. 

The summit is being organised by Digivation Network with over two decades of experience and the only platform to have won the UNECA prestigious award twice for the best content and balance research with well over 100 national and international awards. It is undoubtedly one of Africa’s leading tech platforms on TV. 

Dr Bavero Agabi, the Organiser of DigiVation Future Summit (DFS) says, it is a conference that brings together African thought-leaders in academia, technology, media content creators ICT, MDAs, policymakers, and the political class, to discuss how Africa can benefit and engage in building today’s world for the benefit of tomorrow economy.

There is no doubt that today is the deciding factor of what the future holds with technological influence and DFS will present you with one-of-a-kind addressed through subthemes of Technology, Business, Policy and Innovation. This edition of the event will dwell on an opportunity to extend the network in your sphere of interest in the technology and business ecosystem. The theme will be the Business and ICT ecosystem in a society driven by the digital mind and innovative technology. 

At Digivation Future summit-West Africa’s Most Influential Business, governance and technology event with a focus on the emerging dynamics of sustainability hence feature an expansive line-up of speaker’s panel. discussion, unique, presentations providing access to a wealth of industry-leading knowledge, sharing best practices: and experience, spotlighting trends, information exchange, insight and outlook with actionable takeaways. Registration www.digivationnetwork.com


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