Clean Up Day (WCD) will take place on September 16. Registration is now open for civil society groups, NGOs, government entities, private organizations, and individuals to join in this global one-day civic action.

World Clean Up Day was established by Let’s Do It World, headquartered in Estonia, with the aim of bringing citizens from all countries together to clean up their environments simultaneously across the globe. The civic movement has paved the way for an unparalleled impact, making the organisation an accredited member of UNEA and garnering partnerships with renowned global organizations such as UN Environment Programme, UN-Habitat, UNESCO, ACNOA, Earth Day, African Union, and Good Deeds Day.

The Country Leader of Let’s Do It Nigeria, Olumide Coker, revealed that the theme for this year’s WCD is “Celebrate the Earth.” This theme serves as a motivating call for everyone, regardless of their location, to actively participate in cleanup events and environmental initiatives. Through collaboration and sharing experiences on social media platforms, a powerful global movement can be formed, transcending boundaries, promoting unity, and empowering individuals to make a positive impact.

To participate in the event, all interested parties are required to register through the Let’s Do It Nigeria website. They should visit and provide accurate information about their clean-up location, the number of participants, and other relevant details, said Mr. Coker.

Over the past 5 years, Let’s do it! World has spearheaded cleanup actions across 191 countries, with an impressive participation of over 20 million volunteers. At its core, World Cleanup Day is not just about cleaning up litter; it is a transformative tool for catalysing change. Each participating country aims to engage 5% of its population, igniting positive change and accelerating the transition towards a circular economy and sustainable development. A remarkable 81% of countries have coordinated cleanups in cooperation with their governments, demonstrating immense support for this initiative.

Let’s Do It Nigeria has been leading the charge in Nigeria, with significant results. They have successfully organized World Clean Up Day in Nigeria since 2018 collaborating with more than 200 partners/organization across 30 States in Nigeria. In 2022, they orchestrated 78 cleanup locations, attracting 3,750 participants from various sectors, including civil society groups, NGOs, government entities, private organizations, and individuals. Let’s Do It Nigeria is appealing for sponsorship and support to achieve its goal of involving 5% of Nigeria’s population in this meaningful endeavour.

As September 16, 2023, approaches, let us unite to “Celebrate the Earth” and pave the way for a cleaner, greener future. Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to this global movement. By joining, you become part of a growing network committed to preserving the beauty of our planet and safeguarding its precious wildlife.

Together, let’s create a world where nature thrives, and we cherish the Earth we call home.


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