LG’s Ultra-Large TVs boast powerful performance, immersive gaming, personalized experiences, and everyday sustainability

Where would you rather have your TV: mounted on a stand or on the wall in the living room for immersive gaming, in the bedroom for late-night Netflix binges, or at your desk for a presentation? The brand name on everyone’s lips is LG TV, regardless of your response.

To fully enjoy their favourite content, more customers are looking for large-screen TVs. The function of TVs has evolved because they now offer a variety of programmes, including games, sports, movies, and fitness content. Since many customers place a high value on immersion, the popularity of big TVs is likely to continue as more people look for TVs that offer breath-taking experiences for all kinds of entertainment. This post will inform readers about the benefits of a larger screen and the necessity to invest in one as it possesses so many features.

According to Mr. Choongbae Seok, Product Manager, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Home Entertainment, TV Division, every LG showroom has a space designed to look like a house, simulating the viewing distance from the sofa to the TV. This, in our opinion, aids in visualizing the size of the home and the ideal TV for it. Despite some people’s possible reservations over the TV’s size, Seok noted that many buyers regret choosing a smaller screen and now wish they had purchased a larger one.

Home to a Bigger Experience

One of the biggest concerns when buying an ultra-large TV is the viewing distance-how far away the viewer is from the TV and whether that space is available at home. OLED, QNED, NanoCell, and UHD TVs are available in ultra-large sizes. There’s more choice than ever before across our whole range of TV brands, making it easy to find the TV that’s right for you in an ultra-large size that complements your space.

See, Hear & Feel with Dolby Atmos

LG OLED TVs come with the latest solutions from Dolby. Dolby Vision IQ utilizes metadata and the TVs’ built-in light sensors to optimize picture quality based on content genre and ambient surroundings, while Dolby Atmos simultaneously delivers multi-dimensional immersive sound. It’s a powerful combination that delivers a more realistic experience when watching a movie. “LG and Dolby share a passion for bringing the best possible audio and visual experiences to life, and this expanded collaboration with LG brings both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to deliver spectacular experiences that consumers can see, hear, and feel.”

Putting Gaming at the Forefront

Experience your favourite games as never before with the new level of immersion delivered by LG TV. Be it OLED, QNED, or NanoCell. Complete your dream setup with a view like no other. Imagine what’s possible when the most innovative TV meets the fastest and most powerful Xbox. Rapid response times, smooth graphics, and enhanced immersion with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos on supporting TVs. For serious gamers with both the console and PC, four HDMI 2.1 ports allow for more connections. Set yourself up for victory and unleash your full potential.

To elevate the experience for every type of gamer, Game Optimizer provides optimized settings for various game genres, including FPS, RPG, and RTS. You can access everything in one place for greater control over picture and sound settings. And you can also toggle VRR, NVIDIA G-SYNC, and AMD FreeSync™ technologies. This added control ensures all your games will be clear and smooth with less lag, stutter, and tearing.

Eco Minded, Eye Comfort – OLED Sustainability

LG OLED TVs are made to be more innovative and sustainable. With cutting-edge technology, LG’s ultimate aim is to impact environmental change and improve the lives of its consumers. LG OLED TVs are produced without backlights and with fewer components because they have self-lit pixels. When in use, they emit less indoor air pollution because they contain fewer toxic substances. And after disposal, LG OLED TVs reduce waste and have a high recycling rate. The TV sets and panels are cadmium-free and more efficiently produced with fewer parts and a higher recycling rate than LED TVs. The panels are also indium phosphide free and minimal flame retardants are used in the plastic components.


LG TVs are affordable and available at all Fouani Showrooms and authorised dealers nationwide. OLED TVs come in (88-77-65-inch), QNED (86, 75, 65-inch), NanoCell (75, 65-inch), UHD (86, 82, 75, 70, 65-inch), You can also get access to these TVs on LG’s official website: https://www.lg.com/africa/tvs

To show people how fantastic a big TV is, Seok continued, “hands-on experience is necessary.” I recommend seeing it in person because a TV is typically the room’s major design focal point. An immersive experience is provided by a larger display. Ultra-large TVs will continue to be popular as long as people use them for a variety of activities, such as video calls, gaming, exercising, home training, etc.

“TVs help shape the living room culture, so purchasing a new set is like an investment for the next 10 years. We will continue to focus on these aspects as we plan for future TV products. I believe LG TVs will continue to be at the centre of home entertainment,” Seok stated.


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